Hormones and menopause – an introduction

When you think about it, we women have pulled the short end of the stick if you ask me. First we are “blessed” with roughly 40 years or monthly stomach aches and other complaints. And then when we think it is over the trouble really starts and we enter menopause. Google for menopause symptoms and you might get depressed just reading the enormous list of ailments that await us once we reach that golden age. From depressions, to joint trouble to hot flashes.

As an experience expert I know all too well how miserable those symptoms can be. But it there really nothing you can do about it? Are you just a slave to your hormones or is there a level of influence you have to make the experience manageable? And what really happens when you’re body goes through that transition phase?

If you think about it our body is a magnificent ‘machine’. All bodily processes happen for a reason and menopause is just a natural part of getting older. It’s funny too that menopause symptoms vary across the world. Not all women experience the same symptoms. There are entire tribes of people that have never even heard of hot flashes!

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