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I receive all sorts of questions on a regular basis through email, facebook or twitter. To be able to give you a quicker answer I have made a list of the most comment questions. If anything is missing let me know!

Do you write the blog alone or do you work with other people?

I occassionally work with other people, but in general I work on my blog alone

What equipment do you use for your foodphotography?

I am a Canon fan and I work currently with a Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera for the majority of my food photography. My most used lens is the RF100mm 2.8 macro and the RF24-70mm 2.8. Both are Canon lenses.

For a more extensive lis of the equipment I use and for what purpose you can have a look at the post where I decribe all my equipment for food photography.

Simone headshot
Photo by Jurriaan Huting

Can you give me some advice on which is the best camera to buy when just starting out.

That is always a hard question to answer and it is mostly depending on your budget. How much money are you willing to spend or can you spend? What do you want to do with your camera besides food photography? Are you going to travel with it as well? What do you find more important; convenience or versatility? Do you want a camera where you can keep building upon by adding lenses or would you rather have one with just the one lens.

These are all questions you can ask yourself first. And even than… there are so many different camera’s and lenses out there, I seriously do not know all of them from the top of my head. I know Canon camera’s well since I use them. Nikon is also a good brand but I just know less about those camera’s so I will probably advice you to buy a Canon… 🙂

I love your photography. Can you give me some tips?

I love giving photography tips and that is why I have a special section on the site with photography tips. It might be about light or it might be about equipment or anything else, so check out the food photography tips to find the lastest posts in that area.

What is the software you use for editing your photos?

I started out using Adobe Lightroom for everything but recently I have moved to Capture One. I find it works better for tethered shooting, but I also still use Lightroom for personal projects.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and in the beginning I made many blog mistakes! Simone’s Kitchen is around since June of 2013. I decided to get rid of all the other blogs and concentrate on just one (in English and in Dutch)

What template do you use for your blog?

I have a custom design made for me by  Lindsay of Purr Design. She has made blog designs for me in the past and I’ve been with her for at least 10 years now.

I would love to watch during a photoshoot. Is that possible?

No sorry that is not really an option. Shoots can get crowded and not all customers like the fact that someone is watching.