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Welcome to In Simone’s Kitchen. My place where I like to share healthy recipes with the occasional treat. I started getting interested in food and what it can and cannot do for my body when I crushed my right ankle.

It took me in total about three years to recover most of the functionality of my ankle and being able to walk again. The doctors told me – straight after the accident – that there was a 95% chance that the bone would die. That would have meant wheelchair or at least a severely limited range of motion. I loved to travel and the idea of me not being able to do that anymore was killing me.

I decided to fight as hard as I could and started reading up on food and what it could do. At the time I focused on food for bone growth and bone strength. It will always be hard to say what eventually led to the recovery but it did.

My doctor still calls me his ‘miracle patient’. You can probably imagine that I got more and more interested in what food can do for you.

 Flax seed crackers |

I started following several courses on diet and nutrition and I changed my eating pattern. I was pretty strict in the beginning but over the years I let it go a bit. I believe you can eat just about anything as long as your base intake is healthy.

I know everyone talks about that magic 80/20 but whatever that number might be for you; I’ve got you covered. You will find healthy recipes here that are simple to make and delicious to eat. But you will also find cakes, cookies and desserts. Life can be healthy while you still enjoy the occasional treat. And I love to bake. While I also bake a lot of gluten free cookies and cakes, I do love the cakes with loads of gluten in them as well.

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