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You love to eat. However over the course of several months, weeks or years slowly but surely the pounds have crept up. And they do not want to move away no matter how hard you exercise and how hard you try not to eat. Your love handles are there to stay. Or so it seems.

I believe you can improve your diet, get your hormones back in line and lose weight in the process.

“Brilliant write up SImone, and it’s thanks to you that I’m now on day 5 of my first round 🙂.”

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Imagine you could live your life, feel amazing and look amazing at the same time? You will feel in control of your eating habits again.

When you become part of the Simone’s Kitchen community, you will learn how to cook food that is good for you, delicious and will make you lose weight almost without effort.

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Weight has been an ongoing struggle for me ever since I was in high school. Initially the kilo’s crept up slowly but by the time I was mid twenties and met my current husband it was on a sure upward spiral.

Twenty years later I was at an all time high of 231 pounds or 105 kilo. I had done as many diets as you can imagine. Tried just about everything and sure I lost the weight every time, but it got back up every time too. Then in December of 2015 disaster struck in the form of a serious accident involving a dog sled. I shattered my right ankle, broke the left. Broke a rib and was stuck in a hospital bed for almost half a year.

I felt sorry for myself and what do you do when you have nothing else to do? yes, you eat. So needless to say my weight was not in a good place after those 6 months were over. I felt and looked miserable. But in order to get funcionality back in my ankle I had to do something. The first time I went to the gym I still walked on crutches but I was determined.

At about the same time I started reading up on nutrition. I followed a study for holistic nutrition, got my diploma and went on to study all about hormones and what they do to our bodies. And slowly but surely things started to make sense. I realized that the enemy was not fat but it was carbs more than anything. And no I am not eating a low carb diet but I have developed my own method that is a combination of a couple of different thing. And always with a bit of room to eat something “off-plan” from time to time.

Over the course of 2 years I have lost more than 17 kilo or 38 pounds and more importantly I regained a lot of functionality in my ankle. It’s never going to be as good as it was, but I have surprised the medical staff more than once! The prognosis was that the bone of my ankle would start to deteriorate and disappear over time. But the last x-ray showed the opposite. The bone (there are still 9 screws and a plate inside) has healed nicely.

It’s not always been easy sailing. My job revolves around food making it hard to stick to a plan, but slowly but surely the weight is coming off and more importantly; it is staying off and I never feel deprived of anything.

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