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Food; we all need it and we are all thinking about it – either conciously or unconciously – every single day of our lives. When I started with blogging, all the way back in 2006, I loved sharing recipes but I wasn’t really concerned with nutrition or my health. Because of my job as a food photographer I am literally standing above a plate of food most of the day. Sometimes healthy, other times totally not healthy. Through blogging and my job I got more and more interested in the effect that food has on our bodies.


In Simone’s Kitchen you will find plenty of recipes. Sometimes healthy and sometimes not so healthy, but always homemade. Because food is nourishment for your body, but it also needs to make you happy and fullfill you on so many more levels than just nutrition. Food connects, but it is also essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. Something that I realize more and more. I will sometimes share my own struggle to lose weight, get healthy and find a good balance between ‘good and bad’.


After a dramatic accident in december of 2015 involving a dog sled and a crushed right ankle I quickly discovered that what you put in your mouth has HUGE impact on your health. The prognoses after the accident was bad. The doctors predicted there was an 95% chance of the bone in my ankle dying. Thank goodness I am that 5% and while it will always be a weak spot and will always be limited in terms of flexibility I did gain back most of the function in my right ankle. After spending more than half a year in a wheel chair and on crutches. In total it took me roughly three years to gain back the biggest amount of functionality in my ankle. And – you might have guessed – but food turned out to be the deciding factor.

Health coach

Since I wanted to know more about nutrition I started my first education in that area in 2017. As we speak I finished two; one for holistic nutritionist, one for trainer hormone factor and at the moment I am studying to become a primal health coach.

In my studio


Travel is also something that makes me happy. You will find the occasional travel story here which you can find back under travel in the menu.

But of course the site is mostly focused on delicious and healthy recipes. With enough room for treats. If you want to follow along make sure you don’t miss anything by subscribing to the newsletter which I send roughly once every two weeks.

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