Sandwich with spicy meatloaf filled with peanut sauce |
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Minced Meat Mania: Meatball sandwich with a nutty surprise

Today I would like to give honors again to one of my favorite ingredients; minced meat. And in the Netherlands the meatball with peanutsauce is a very favorite dish. Especially when it’s served on a soft bun. Actually, Dutch people eat peanut sauce (also named satay sauce often) with practically everything. Even with fries in stead of mayonaise, or even…

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Steak sandwich |
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DudeFood Tuesday: Steak sandwich

I don’t know what all the fuzz is around all those wellness hypes nowadays. One week all calories are public enemy number one and you don’t want to risk being spotted by a Guardian of Gluttony (aka Watcher of Weight) in front of a chocolate store. And before you can get used to having a breakfast of dry grilled cucumber…

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Pita with meat and cheese |
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Dude food Tuesday: Spicy pita

Once again I welcome all the dudes of this world to our weekly get together; that talking session for those men who suffer from an extreme form of dudaism, those who go through life as the unappreciated dude… Welcome to another episode of Dude Food Tuesday. This time I want to cover a subject that raises the hairs on many…

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Chickpea burger a la Plancha

Let’s be honest: there is nothing better than eating a good meal on a summer night in your own garden. Or, well, outside in general really. Since we have finally managed to clean up our garden we love to enjoy it as often as wel can (and try to keep up with those horrible weed! How can they grow so…

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Bruschetta with arugula pesto

Yes, yes I know this is not a budget dish. But it is quite good nevertheless. And theoretically you could eat this for lunch, right? Lol… All joking aside; the ham alone is probably more than our daily budget but this is a golden oldie, that I am moving from the old English site to here. Because despite the fact…

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Lemongrass beef skewers Vietnamese sandwich

The book I have been reading for the past couple of weeks is all about Vietnamese Street Food. What I love about the book is the fact that it has all those wonderful stories of streetvendors who build a name for themselves in this rather competitive ‘street food’ business. If you’ve never been to Vietnam or Asia for that matter,…

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