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A match made in heaven: Albondigas with a twist + Rioja wine

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albondigas with chorizo |

My father in law is coming to dinner tonight so in order to be able to give him some good food, I started cooking a day ahead… Always good, so I can actually take a photo in between also… (and taste the goodies…lol) And because it’s always fun to make several little dishes the plan was to create a tapas feast. Normally I first think about the food, but in this case I started with the wine first. I bought a bottle of Berberana rioja after Tom had extensively tested it last week during a BBQ with our friend Marco, who happens to have Spanish roots. It’s a strong wine, so it needs bold flavors to go along with it.


Stavanger, Norway – I think I’m in love

I think I might have told you when I talked about our workshop in Helsinki but until recently I had never set a foot on Scandinavian soil. Not for any particular reason, but there was just always another reason to go somewhere else.. Sun,...


Green smoothie with mango, coconut and pineapple

Green smoothies.. I’ve seen endless varieties pass by, but never really made one myself.. Maybe weird but I kind of had the feeling that putting veggies inside a smoothie was somehow unnatural. You eat vegetables, but it is ok to drink your fruit… But...

Bloemkool rode biet couscous-2

Cauliflower couscous with beetroot

While you’re reading this I will be running around in Norway… I’m sooo looking forward to it… Suitcase is packed, photo stuff is ready and we’re leaving early tomorrow morning. No it’s not a vacation and I will be going with a group of...

Roasted broccoli with garlic |

Day 5-7 whole30 – whole36 Roasted broccoli with garlic

Last weekend we were in Belgium, where good friends Sandra and Alain were getting married… We knew it wouldn’t be easy sticking to our whole30 program during a wedding… We had kind of foreseen that would be an issue and well not surprisingly we...

Kruiden crackers 002

Herb crackers – Whole30 snack

While on the whole30 we’re not supposed to eat any snack or junkfood. So not even paleo approved hamburgers or pizza. The first time that we were doing the whole30 I kind of missed that fact and I than made a delicious cauliflower pizza....

Tomaten salsa paleo approved-1

Day #4 – Simple tomato salsa

Just a quick base recipe in between. Delicious with sweet ripe tomatoes and super quick to make. I made this tomato salso to go with a sweet potato nacho dish I had made. Which I wanted to take a photo of as well but...