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Salad of freekeh with courgette, tomato and red chili dressing

Freekeh salade met courgette |

It is funny how certain ingredients can all of a sudden be the ‘it’ thing of the moment. Take quinoa for instance.. A food hype that like seems to suddenly spring forward and than everything ‘has’ to eat quinoa. Nothing with that in it self but considering the situation it has gotten the original growers of the grain into, in countries like Peru it might be a better idea to only buy locally grown quinoa (they are now also growing it here in the Netherlands)

Freekeh is another one of those weird phenomena’s. The very first time I posted a recipe with freekeh was in march of this year. The freekeh (it goes by many names) I had brought with me when I went to Dubai. I had seen it in the market there and didn’t know it and you can trust me to try out weird ingredients if I have the chance. So I took it home and cooked a recipe with it from the book of Ghillie James.

Pannacotta with pomegranate |

Christmas dessert: Yogurt pannacotta with pomegranate

For days we had been in contact with each other for our christmas shoot. And with we, I mean Caroline and me. Once every so often we do a shoot together. Just for fun and to have new recipes for my blog and such....


At the market: our first day!

And than it’s time… for the very first time in your life… at the market. Beautiful products, great flavors and of course sharing those flavors with the many visitors to the market. Sometimes it takes forever to make big decision but once you’ve made...

Double layered chocolate raspberry cake |

Christmas dessert: Double layered chocolate raspberry cake

I’m completely into the christmas mood. Which is on the way too early side or not? (who’s counting anyway!) It’s weird how that works anyway, cause last year christmas just sort of came and went without too much of anything happening. I don’t know...


Dudefood tuesday: French toast

Welcome again DudeFoodies from around the world. Two weeks ago the Misses saved my skin in fixing my failed peanut sauce and last week the Dudettes spoiled me with making my favorite meatloaf recipe. So a little ‘Thank you very much Misses and Dudette’...

Knolselderij pastinaak soep-3

Celeriac parsnip soup

  You know that moment; you open the door of the refrigerator and a lot of sad looking vegetables are staring back at you… They are anxiously waiting their turn but you’ve kept them just a tad too long. Or maybe you don’t know...

Christmas star shaped sweet buns with honey and anis |

Christmas sweet starbread with honey and anis

You see I had the fortune and honour to do the photography for Levine van Doorne, who is very well known here in the Netherlands for her bread, her blog about breadbaking and het bread baking workshops. And you know how that is with...