Vegan french toast with strawberries |
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Vegan french toast with strawberries

What about the milk? When you first think about going vegan there is probably lots of things going through your mind: what do I do with eggs? How can I survive without milk? Or cheese? Cheese, I have to confess, is probably my worst ‘enemy’ in that respect. I just love it too much. Also I am not 100% vegan…

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Leftovers, Nutrition

New to vegan – now what?

O help now what about my protein?? You made the decision that from now on you’ll only be eating plant-based foods and no animal products anymore. But what are the things you need to look out for and which nutrients need to be substituted? And because I am still in the learning phase myself I made a handy checklist. Protein…

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Vegan pate |

Vegan pate (from Green Kitchen stories)

What to put on that slice? When I just started thinking about going vegetarian I had this panick moment where I wondered what on earth I was going to put on my sandwich. You have to know that I am a big big fan of bread so imagine the horror of not being able to slab on a piece of…

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Raspberry coconut mousse |

Raspberry coconut mousse that is superquick and delicious

Deliciously Ella When you’re thinking about going vegan there are probably lots of different things running through your mind. For me the two most annoying ones were desserts and cheese… I already gave you the recipe for a fake parmesan but the desserts… are a whole different story. The idea of never being able to bake anything anymore or to…

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Quinoa breakfast bowl |

Quinoa breakfast bowl with nuts and banana

Quinoa bowl for two Time for a quick and nutritious breakfast. Did you know that quinoa is filled with protein? If you’re following a vegetarian diet this is a great way to start the day with a dose of protein. Quinoa has all the essential amino acids and on top of that it is gluten free. And in a lot…

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Vegan while traveling |

Vega(n) while traveling

We’ve just arrived back from Copenhagen and I have to conclude that it is not always easy to eat vegan while traveling. For starters, I am still getting used to it myself, I find it hard to ask for vegan options and so I went for vegetarian mostly. That is a bit easier when you’re dining out, although I did…

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