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Dude Food Tuesday: Food for Real Men!

hamburger Dude food |

Yes, it is coming! Cooking and eating for real men: dude food Tuesday!

I’ve got to start by saying I am a huge fan of the man of Smokey Goodness.
What Jord and Derk produce for their own homemade smokers and grills is downright magic if you ask me.
It’s grilling in the manly way but with bags of flavor and with a flair and refinement in their dishes. And that makes here two men my dude food heroes. When I tasted the smokey flavor of a piece of slow cooked porc I immediately wanted to jump on a Harley and drive along the Route 66. Preferably tagging along one of those smokers.
When you see the me at and event or festival, taste something from those grills (doesn’t matter what, really) and you’ll know what I mean!
Also read here what we had to say about Smokey Goodness before.

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