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Buckwheat noodles by Maura from Yellow Lemon Tree

I’ve been a fan of Maura ever since she started blogging I think. It’s always a little hard to track back on when you actually ‘met’ someone online. Whatever the case, at some point Maura won a workshop with Alex and moi and she is even more fun in real life than you can tell from reading her blog. She didn’t really need the workshop, because she already made beautiful photos on her blog Yellow Lemon Tree. She already passed by in our inspiration on Saturday series before and that is for a reason of course! Since that first time we have met a couple of times and we’ve even been on two trips together. So you see why Maura had to be one of the amazing food bloggers who are writing a guest blog here during my absence!
Buckwheat noodles with mushrooms |

Quite a while back Simone asked me to write a guest post during the holiday. In the meantime the holiday is really over, but better late than never right?


Beet guacamole by In my red kitchen

I met Ellen from In My Red Kitchen, during one of our workshop shortly before she would move to sunny California with Paul and I have been following her ever since. Not only because it is fun to read about her adventures in the...

Pita with meat and cheese |

Dude food Tuesday: Spicy pita

Once again I welcome all the dudes of this world to our weekly get together; that talking session for those men who suffer from an extreme form of dudaism, those who go through life as the unappreciated dude… Welcome to another episode of Dude...

Tulband met kaki fruit

Persimmon bundt cake with spices

Do you have that issue as well? The issue of buying way too much of any one fruit because it looks so good? And than you’re left with a mountain of produce that needs to be eaten.. That was roughly what happened with me...

Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

You see… here is the thing… I am not a big fan of cake decorating. I just can’t do it. I don’t have the patience and after three atempts of making a pumpkin I am ready to toss a block of orange marzipan to...

Baked chocolate doughnuts |

Baked chocolate doughnuts

When I was making the doughnuts I told you about yesterday I had some time left over, while waiting for the doughnuts to rise so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the baked doughnuts from Lara Ferroni’s book on...

Making your own doughnuts |

Making your own doughnuts!

I made these yeasted doughnuts in 2010 for a Daring Bakers challenge and boy they were soo good I wanted to make sure I transferred the recipe here… Try them. You’ll love them! The October 2010 Daring Bakers challenge was hosted by Lori of...