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Persimmon bundt cake with spices

Tulband met kaki fruit en specerijen |

Do you have that issue as well? The issue of buying way too much of any one fruit because it looks so good? And than you’re left with a mountain of produce that needs to be eaten.. That was roughly what happened with me and a pile of persimmons I bought at the supermarket as they were cheap and ripe. Delicious really but how many fruits can you eat in a day? And because they were so ripe I had to take action. Thankfully Meeta from Whats for lunch honey came to the rescue with her recipe for this delicious persimmon spice cake.

Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

You see… here is the thing… I am not a big fan of cake decorating. I just can’t do it. I don’t have the patience and after three atempts of making a pumpkin I am ready to toss a block of orange marzipan to...

Baked chocolate doughnuts |

Baked chocolate doughnuts

When I was making the doughnuts I told you about yesterday I had some time left over, while waiting for the doughnuts to rise so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the baked doughnuts from Lara Ferroni’s book on...

Making your own doughnuts |

Making your own doughnuts!

I made these yeasted doughnuts in 2010 for a Daring Bakers challenge and boy they were soo good I wanted to make sure I transferred the recipe here… Try them. You’ll love them! The October 2010 Daring Bakers challenge was hosted by Lori of...

Chocolate cranberry tulband

Chocolate cranberry hazelnut bundt

How decadent does this look? If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might know I have a soft spot when it comes to bundt cakes. First of all for a practical reason as that hole in the middle means the cake...

Vanilla icecream with granita |

Due food tuesday: Dude dessert

Welcome dudes to another lovely get together in the kitchen on Dude Food Tuesday. The moment that all dudes in the world have been longingly waiting for. The day where men can discuss men business with the ladies listening in. Talking about ladies: most...

Pancakes with fresh figs and cranberries |

Pancakes with cranberries

One of the biggest advantages of having a stack of recipes that I still need to move from my old site to this one, is that I can safely give you some winning and delicious dishes while I am tramping through the jungle in...