National Parc Ranomafana – Madagascar

National parc Ranomafana |

Dark clouds

On our way to Ranomafana from Ambositra the clouds quickly gathered together. The closer we got to our final destination, the worse the road became and the darker the sky. And just before we got to the hotel the rain started pouring down. And when it rains in Africa, it rains! On top of that, the roads quickly become very slippery and well, best not to think about that too much. But I couldn’t help and be very relieved when we arrived at our lodging.

Vegetarian mushroom burger |

Vega burger with mushrooms and water chestnuts

Tofu When I was younger (as in a lot younger) I ate vegetarian for a while. I was beginning twenties and decided to stop eating meat and fish. At that time vegetarian was still a bit of an odd thing. You didn’t have all...

Roasted cauliflower with quinoa |

From meat eater to vegetarian

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I love animals and I am having a hard time getting my head around the way animals are treated in the meat industry. We always tend to look towards the mass meat industry...

Leeksoup |

Leek soup and happy 2017!

Happy Newyear! I know, I know…. A little late but I still mean it! Does that count? I’m kinda glad the holidays are over and I’m even more glad that 2016 is over. It’s been a rough year with the accident taking up most...

Christmas burger with chestnuts |

Christmas burger with chestnuts and mango chutney

Christmas preparations Are you all wrapped up in the preparations for Christmas? Did you order your Turkey, made your cranberry sauce and thought about dessert? 🙂 I have to say that I am very late this year with all the Christmas stuff. Haven’t even...