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Christmas sweet starbread with honey and anis

Christmas star bread with honey and anis |

You see I had the fortune and honour to do the photography for Levine van Doorne, who is very well known here in the Netherlands for her bread, her blog about breadbaking and het bread baking workshops. And you know how that is with cookbooks right; one means more to you than the other. And in this case, I loved being part of it. I don’t often post a book review for books I worked on as it would be a bit silly to review them all but in this particular case I am making an exception. The book is in Dutch so I won’t be telling you about the book (and did the proper review on the Dutch side of the blog) but I just have to share this pretty bread as it is perfect for a christmas breakfast and I just happen to really like the photo.

Farro salad with feta and dates |

Farro salad with feta, tomatoes and fig-date dressing

Making salads is fun. Thinking up combinations of salads is even more fun and than eating them is the most amount of fun… :) If I look at the amount of salad recipes in comparison to most of the other categories (with the exception...

Cranberry pomegranate pie |

Cranberry pomegranate pie

I think I can safely say that we had the darkest workshop every just yesterday. And it wasn’t even the workshop on artificial light… But it could have easily been. In the – normally rather light – workshop space from Greendelicious it looked like...

Meatloaf with chipotle |

DudeFood Tuesday: Cha Cha Meatloaf

Tuesday, November 18. A beautiful day, because today its both my Birthday and DudeFood Tuesday! If it’s your birthday you give everybody a treat and you get one or two presents. Speaking about presents: last week I was presented with a rather “witty” comment...

Vanilla sauce |

Making a basic vanilla sauce

A good vanilla sauce is a useful recipe to have. Especially with the coming festivities. You can use it for a range of desserts and pastry plus you can add different flavors to it to create different versions of the sauce. Add some white...

Apple sauce |

Who plucks apples, finds apples… or something like that

I’m pretty sure that saying in the title is completely wrong… Sounds kind of weird right? And yes, I am quite dramatic when it comes to remembering sayings really. I confuse the all and end up with completely new and unique ones… Lol.. Well...

Romige geitenkaas met granaatappel |

Creamy goatcheese with pomegranate

It’s coming up fast now… That month of the year that everyone gets busy finding easy and festive recipes to please the entire family.. or the ultimate recipe for a nice evening with friends. Have you got your Christmas already planned out or are...