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Sumatra : I’m back!

Elephants at Tangkahan |

Yessss, we’re back!! For those that didn’t even notice we were gone… We arrived yesterday from a almost four week trip to Sumatra. And it was amazing… Hot, tiring, mosquito-rich but also relaxing, beautiful, impressive and fun… ;) Yesterday I downloaded the 2000 photos on my computer and still need to edit and go through them but here is already a brief preview of more to come.

Beach Sumatra |

Brisket salad |

Brisket salad by In my red Kitchen

Eating out is something we do regularly in Los Angeles, basically every weekend. During the week, I always cook at home, exept on some Tuesday because we go eat at the food trucks in Santa Monica often. But overall, I always cook from Monday...

Grilled chicken sandwich |

Dude Food Tuesday: Sandwich grilled chicken

it is Tuesday again; Dudefood Tuesday! The moment of the week that is now world famous ; the moment that the kitchen is ‘Men only’. And with ‘Men Only’ we suggest that all wimps of the country can leave the kitchen, because the kitchen...

Geroosterde pompoen salade |

Roasted butternut squash salad

I love autumn… It’s that promising smell in the air of things to come. Leaves falling, temperatures dropping and winter slowly but surely approaching. I also love autumn because it gives a whole new array of fabulous ingredients to work with and pumpkin being...

Buckwheat noodles |

Buckwheat noodles by Maura from Yellow Lemon Tree

I’ve been a fan of Maura ever since she started blogging I think. It’s always a little hard to track back on when you actually ‘met’ someone online. Whatever the case, at some point Maura won a workshop with Alex and moi and she...


Beet guacamole by In my red kitchen

I met Ellen from In My Red Kitchen, during one of our workshop shortly before she would move to sunny California with Paul and I have been following her ever since. Not only because it is fun to read about her adventures in the...

Pita with meat and cheese |

Dude food Tuesday: Spicy pita

Once again I welcome all the dudes of this world to our weekly get together; that talking session for those men who suffer from an extreme form of dudaism, those who go through life as the unappreciated dude… Welcome to another episode of Dude...