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Dudefood Tuesday: Dudey salad with steak and pasta

Pasta salad with steak |

This dude is not a big fan of salads. And for a short while now, I know why.
It’s not the fact that all the green in salads is not dudelike. Au contraire: one of the most famous megadudes is green; The Hulk.
I can even appreciate the happy and colourful palet of a salad (saying this without wanting to sound like some softy interior designer). The thing that doesn’t appeal to me in salads is that I am always looking for a specific Dude ingredient in vain; protein aka good meat.

Rhubarb hazelnut cake |

Rhubarb hazelnut cake

Rhubarb hazelnut and almond cake And?  Have you gone wild with rhubarb yet? I have been waiting forever (or so it seems) for the  season to start and than I still manage to miss that exact moment that the pretty pink stalks appears in...


Pangasius; a look behind the scenes

I’ve been thinking on how to write this blog post for quite some time. After our trip and during our trip in Vietnam there were quite a few negative reactions. Not because we were going to Vietnam, but much more because we were visiting...


Rijksstudio award; Second price!!

If you follow me on Facebook you might have already see it come by; we have managed to get the second price (runner up) for the Rijksstudio Awards 2015!! And because you can’t really see the real pictures based on the instagram stuff I...

Tomato soup with a devilish twist |

Dudefood Tuesday: Devilish Dude soup

Last week I had to skip my favorite part of the week, DudeFood Tuesday, because this dude was ill. And everybody knows: when dudes are ill, they are really very, very, very sick! The Misses said that my illness wasn’t that much, ‘Just some...

Coconut cakes with dark chocolate |

Coconut cakes with chocolate and wíth sugar

You have probably guessed that I have thrown the whole ‘do-not-eat-sugar’ philosophy out of the window. Not that I think sugar is good for you. Noooo sir, but I just can’t be bothered at the moment. It’s just one of those things where people...

Salad with goat cheese and blue berries |

Salad with goatcheese and blueberries

I’m sitting behind my computer but the light is bothering me a bit as I cannot see the screen properly, so I stand up to close the blinds so the sun stays out of the office. But while I am closing them I look...