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Wraps with hummus and roast beef

Wraps with hummus and roast beef |

Today I have a really simple and quick recipe for you. You can ofcourse make it much longer and bake your own tortilla’s but let’s be honest; sometimes you just want to grab a quick bite and not be bothered by mixing dough! I usually have some ready made tortilla packages in the cupboard which are perfect for a quick and healthy lunch dish. (also perfect for a dinner by the way, but that’s another story)

You can heat them if you want but I usually don’t bother at all.

Tango bar |

Travel: Tango Bar & Kjøkken – Stavanger

If I would have to name just one thing that was maybe less fantastic at  Tango Bar & Kjøkken in Stavanger than it would have to be the light on the table. Spotlights above the table… Horrible for taking proper photos, but of course...

gemengde graan salade

Mixed grains with mango and tomato salad

If I look outside I kind of fear that the summer is getting to an end.. the rain is coming down in buckets at the moment. What doesn’t seem to end is our bounty of tomatoes from our own tiny garden. The three plants...

rozemarijn siroop

Rosemary, a herb with special taste and rosemary syrup

Rosemary is one of those typical herbs that everyone knows, but once you ask them “describe the taste of it?” only a few will be able to answer that question. Maybe it would be best captured in a poetic line such as ‘the fresh...

Cauliflower soup with bacon |

Whole30 approved cauliflower soup!

Last week I was thinking it would be way too hot for a cauliflower soup recipe, but in the meantime the temperatures have dropped considerably and I think it is time! Right? and yes, this is a whole30 approved recipe since I made this...


Whole30 – the recap

It’s over and done our whole30. For the reader who is paying attention… yes I know I haven’t been entirely good for the whole 30 days (Norway got in the way..) and I said I was going to start the counting again, but.. I...

Heavenly preview |

Behind the scenes at a Heavenly photoshoot

One fine day (or so I imagine it must have gone) Alexandra and Ria decided it would be fun to create their own cook book. But put to perfectionists together and you can be sure it is months in the making before ideas have...