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Dudefood Tuesday: chicken in cola

Chicken in cola |
In these dark days before Christmas I always get a little emotional and think back to the early years.
I ponder about what used to be in the DudeFood Kitchen and before you know it my memories take me back in time to the Golden Years.
Those times when you had a White Christmas…every year. Christmases with a lot of snow, like the ones Bing was dreaming of, for sure.
Those were the days. The days when you went to elementary school through the snow.. on bare feet. Those golden days! When you had wooden ships and iron men; instead of the other way around.


Christmas lunch: Crostini with Boursin and tomatoes

SPONSORED The lunch during the holidays tends to get a little bit left behind or maybe that is just me. It’s breakfast I worry about and than dinner and than, o no, we have to eat lunch as well! To be honest; in a...

Pavlova with cranberries |

Christmas dessert: Pavlova with cranberries

A pavlova is one of those typical dessert that people can sometimes get a little scared of. Such a giant mountain of pillowy meringue that needs to bake in the oven can be a little daunting maybe but in reality it is one of...

The easy Christmas menu

The easy Christmas menu

If you’re anything like me you’ve been busy planning for your Christmas menu for days. weeks… heck maybe even months. I can spend hours with stacks of cookbooks, magazine and anything else you’ll find recipes. Jotting down ideas, crossing them out, thinking of what...

Bundt cake with roasted marzipan |

Christmas dessert: Bundt cake with roasted marzipan

Sometimes I have these really brilliant good ideas… If I may say so myself. You have to know that I am definitely not the best bread baker in the world. But I do love bread… So the fact that I can’t really produce a...

Steak sandwich |

DudeFood Tuesday: Steak sandwich

I don’t know what all the fuzz is around all those wellness hypes nowadays. One week all calories are public enemy number one and you don’t want to risk being spotted by a Guardian of Gluttony (aka Watcher of Weight) in front of a...


Why I sometimes do a sponsored post..

I get comments on it sometimes. I see critical notes pass by every once in a while. Sometimes from other bloggers who are angry because ‘that other person’ write about a brand/restaurant/event (fill in as needed) and yes, you have seen some sponsored posts...