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Mac and cheese Sunday!

Mac and cheese |

It still happens on a very regular basis that I come to the realization that there are still quite a few dishes out there, that I have eaten and that I know but that I never made myself. Well… Duh… Is what you’re probably thinking… Knowing that it’s virtually impossible to make all the dishes in the world right?
And I know that but there are still a few classics that I think have to be ‘done’ at least once! A good spaghetti bolognese, homemade fries, tiramisu or… Well the list is endless. But Mac and cheese is one such dish that’s known worldwide.

Quinoa beetroot salad |

Home alone and quinoa salad with beetroot – Donna Hay #19

I have this love – hate relationship with being on my own at home. While I am writing this I have just brought Tom away as he is going fishing with friends for a week in Norway. And in case you’re gonna ask that...

Quinoa granola-1

Quinoa granola

I admit I can sometimes be extremely slow… Trends and other hip stuff sometimes pass me by completely until I suddenly wonder why everyone is talking about quinoa (to name just one example) I’ve been eating quinoa (seriously) long before it ever became hip...

Fried onion rings |

Dude Food Tuesday: Fried onion rings

Ok. Last week we have covered the onions for on your burger for the manly recipe of the week. Remember I told you to feel free to buy some extra onions for this week? I hope you did and that you have your onions...

bananenbrood zonder suiker-1

Banana bread: glutenfree and sugarfree

Not so long ago I was traveling to Norway with Lianne from Focus on Foodies… Yes, you guessed correctly; we were traveling to Stavanger in Norway, where I am sure you’ve heard enough of by now.. Lianne eats sugar, dairy and glutenfree. Not because...

Co schedule |

CoSchedule – for scheduling your posts

For years I have been using the Editorial Calendar plugin for scheduling my posts and to get some kind of structure into the planning of whatever I was gonna share. However, since I moved to WPML, the plugin didn’t perform so well anymore. In...

Groene mango salade-3

Green mango salad

We were on a trip through Thailand and during a stop somewhere along the way in a small and rather dodgy little restaurant, Sandra our guide, told us that we should really try the green mango salad. Now I am a real mango fan,...