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Orange thyme icecream and thyme, the plant

Orange thyme icecream |

This week we have a brave little herb in the spotlights; Thyme.

This deliciously smelling little plant can be found in many different varieties, but the species you’re most likely to find are the so-called real thyme and lemon thyme. The last one because… it smells of lemon, of course. The leaves of the woody twigs are responsible for the smell and taste of this herb. When used in cooking the twigs are usually removed after given of the flavor.


Caipirinha _ Brazilian cocktail

I had my very first caipirinha somewhere in a small Brazilian bar in Amsterdam. I came there with a colleague of Nike where I worked at the time and we were gonna meet someone else in town too. I had heard of caipirinha before...

Quick yogurt berry icecream |

Super quick yogurt berry icecream

Imagine… It is one of those typical Dutch days. The weather forecast people are telling you that it will be raining the entire day and that temperatures are likely to stay well below 15 C. You prepare for the worst and you see your...

Aziatische hamburger-1

Asian hamburgers with sticky rice

As if women cannot make good hamburgers… Pffft… That is my reaction after reading Tom’s story on Dude Food Tuesday... Ha! These little Asian flavored darlings didn’t have too much trouble finding their way into his stomach however. Esmee and I made these during...

hamburger Dude food |

Dude Food Tuesday: Food for Real Men!

Yes, it is coming! Cooking and eating for real men: dude food Tuesday! I’ve got to start by saying I am a huge fan of the man of Smokey Goodness. What Jord and Derk produce for their own homemade smokers and grills is downright...

Asian small pancakes |

Sweet coconut small Asian pancakes

Cooking together is really always more fun than cooking alone. So I cook with friends on a regular basis; sometimes with Charlotte, something in the cooking club and sometimes – like last week – with Esmee. We’re usually so busy with catching up and...

Groene thee noedels -3

Green tea noodles – Donna Hay # 18 and a give away!

Wow… Saying that I am running behind in my own Donna Hay Challenge seems to be an understatement… I have sort of lost count but I do have to cook a LOT still… I haven’t forgotten by the way, in case you’re thinking that....