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Week #4: Keep going!!

Can we just skip this week all together? Enough said!

Week4 |


Behind the scenes in the Nespresso kitchen

Nespresso is what you call a well established name in coffee country. And no ladies and gentlemen I am not referring to icon George Clooney, but I am referring to their coffee as they are one of the major players in the market when...

Glutenfree buckwheat pancakes with yogurt |

Glutenfree yogurt buckwheat pancakes

This is the tenth post already that I made for Yoghurt Barn I suddenly realize. And if you’re not from the Netherlands than you might not have heard of them before (except maybe here) but Yoghurt Barn is a franchise concept that is all...

Spicy meatloaf with chipotle |

Dudefood Tuesday : “Mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball !!

I think that almost all the Dudes in the world will agree on when it comes to who makes the best meatball ever; your mother ofcourse. Come on, dudes, there is no meatball on this planet that taste and smells as great as that...

Salad with cod, chicory and hazelnuts |

Cod with red chicory, black quinoa and hazelnuts

Yesterday was the official kickof of the I quit sugar challenge… But it really only starts on monday. The days leading up to monday are for preparing things, cooking some staples in the weekend and more such things. Now as luck would have it,...

Salad with farro and Brussels sprouts |

Salad of farro, pomegranate and brussels sprouts

Walking through the supermarket – as recently converted Brussels Sprouts lover – my eye is suddenly falling on purple Brussels sprouts… And yes, of course I could not leave them in the store but I had to bring them home. Let’s face it; how...


DudeFood Tuesday: Spicy ovenroasted Porkchops

Fellow dudes and DudeFood Kitchen buddies from all over the world, please lean a little closer to your computer (or keep your smartphone even more close to your face), cause I want to share a little secret with you. For today is the 20th...