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Vegetable croquettes

Veggie croquettes |

Vegetable croquettes with just a little bit of bacon

You see… I really do know. That Christmas is NOT only about eating desserts, That you do have to eat something else occassionally. Well you could theoretically just do sweets but in the long (or not so long) run you’ll get a bit nauseous. And your guests might get a little sick too. So with the overload of sweet stuff here lately you’ll be able to enjoy yourself until Christmas of next year. And since Esmee and I had a day of cooking planned last thursday it seemed the right time to make something savoury. Because I do eat savory you know! ;)

Christmas cookies |

Christmas cookies

I hereby solemny swear; from next year onwards I will be posting only savory christmas dishes. And I also solemny swear that I will be doing nothing other than eating salads all year long. Just 365 days of eating greens… Seems like a brilliant...

Warm oats with poached pears |

Warm oats with pears, cinnamon and star anise

In between all the christmas stuff it seemed like a good moment in time to think about a delicious wintery breakfast. You’ve probably seen heaps of recipes for overnight oats passing by and truth be told, I do like overnight oats. But I don’t...

miljonairs shortbread |

Millionairs shortbread with salted caramel

Shortbread… Now that is typically one of those things that you weren’t able to find in the Netherlands not that long ago. The first time I ate a piece of a shortbread cookie was with a friend who had a thing for anything Great...

Chicken in cola |

Dudefood Tuesday: chicken in cola

In these dark days before Christmas I always get a little emotional and think back to the early years. I ponder about what used to be in the DudeFood Kitchen and before you know it my memories take me back in time to the...


Christmas lunch: Crostini with Boursin and tomatoes

SPONSORED The lunch during the holidays tends to get a little bit left behind or maybe that is just me. It’s breakfast I worry about and than dinner and than, o no, we have to eat lunch as well! To be honest; in a...

Pavlova with cranberries |

Christmas dessert: Pavlova with cranberries

A pavlova is one of those typical dessert that people can sometimes get a little scared of. Such a giant mountain of pillowy meringue that needs to bake in the oven can be a little daunting maybe but in reality it is one of...