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Pangasius; a look behind the scenes


I’ve been thinking on how to write this blog post for quite some time. After our trip and during our trip in Vietnam there were quite a few negative reactions. Not because we were going to Vietnam, but much more because we were visiting a pangasius farm. I got reactions ranging from ‘ fish who eats his own dirt’, to ‘tasteless and poisonous’ and the list goes on. The one reaction more fanatic than the next. And because I really wanted to know your thoughts on panga I placed something on facebook. And got a whole list of complaints and negative reactions.

Pangasius -5

How did it all start?

Somewhere in 2013 Francesca from Francesca Kookt placed something on twitter on pangasius filet. That it was the new bio industrie chicken and that we should maybe start getting worried about that. Harry Hoogendoorn, the owner of  Queens responded to this; he invited Francesca to come to Varsseveld (where the company is located) and explain her all the ins- and outs of pangasius.  And so it happened and our trip was more or less a follow up of that first contact.

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the breeding of pangasius and the fish has had it’s share of bad publicity in the last couple of years.


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