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At the market: our first day!


And than it’s time… for the very first time in your life… at the market. Beautiful products, great flavors and of course sharing those flavors with the many visitors to the market. Sometimes it takes forever to make big decision but once you’ve made that decision it can go really hard.

Going back in time, maybe about four years ago. All of a sudden, I think it must have been a regular monday, I stopped having fun at my job. I had always been one of those guys that shouted out loud “When you go to work for a week and feel bad doing it, it is time to move on.” Which is a very true and valid advice but when you have to listen to your own advice, it is a bit of a differen story. It can take a little longer to make that final decision. Now, after four years and four employers who didn’t renew the temporary contracts I finally made that big decision.

Double layered chocolate raspberry cake |

Christmas dessert: Double layered chocolate raspberry cake

I’m completely into the christmas mood. Which is on the way too early side or not? (who’s counting anyway!) It’s weird how that works anyway, cause last year christmas just sort of came and went without too much of anything happening. I don’t know...


Dudefood tuesday: French toast

Welcome again DudeFoodies from around the world. Two weeks ago the Misses saved my skin in fixing my failed peanut sauce and last week the Dudettes spoiled me with making my favorite meatloaf recipe. So a little ‘Thank you very much Misses and Dudette’...

Knolselderij pastinaak soep-3

Celeriac parsnip soup

  You know that moment; you open the door of the refrigerator and a lot of sad looking vegetables are staring back at you… They are anxiously waiting their turn but you’ve kept them just a tad too long. Or maybe you don’t know...

Christmas star shaped sweet buns with honey and anis |

Christmas sweet starbread with honey and anis

You see I had the fortune and honour to do the photography for Levine van Doorne, who is very well known here in the Netherlands for her bread, her blog about breadbaking and het bread baking workshops. And you know how that is with...

Farro salad with feta and dates |

Farro salad with feta, tomatoes and fig-date dressing

Making salads is fun. Thinking up combinations of salads is even more fun and than eating them is the most amount of fun… :) If I look at the amount of salad recipes in comparison to most of the other categories (with the exception...

Cranberry pomegranate pie |

Cranberry pomegranate pie

I think I can safely say that we had the darkest workshop every just yesterday. And it wasn’t even the workshop on artificial light… But it could have easily been. In the – normally rather light – workshop space from Greendelicious it looked like...