Very quick Christmas dessert with pistache and orange

Quick christmas dessert with pistache and orange |

Snow and traffic

We’ve had a massive amount of snowfall the last two days. And while I totally love looking at snow it always seems to evoke a complete panic across the nation in terms of driving. Traffic jams, accidents and the like. I didn’t have to leave home so I could actually enjoy the snow from the comfort of a warm and cosy living room. Haha… But I always wonder why there is such a massive panic going on while countries that are always in snow have none of those problems.

Fennelsalad with pomegranate |

Fennel salad with pomegranate and goat cheese

Almost Christmas Can you believe it is december already? Whatever happened to the year? In just three weeks time I am up for the exam for my holistic nutrition course. The first test exam we did a few months ago, I failed miserably, but...

Making your own popcorn |

Making your own popcorn (with chili and chocolate)- so simple and so satisfying!

Almost december Can you believe it? It seems just minutes ago that we celebrated the start of 2017 and for some weird reason it is now all of a sudden almost the end of it. Already… I guess part of it is due to...

Zagorje region, Croatia |

Culinary trip to Zagorje region – Croatia

In my previous life when I still worked at an office (for Nike) my boss came from Croatia. We’re talking at least 20 years ago so the war was still fresh in everyone’s mind. Croatia as a holiday destination didn’t really come to mind...

Onion cake with basil and brie |

Onion cake with basil and brie

I’m back It kind of feels like I have been traveling forever… But I am back for a week now before moving to Croatia for a few days. Life’s hard.. 🙂 We were on holiday in Greece for a week, I got back for...

Noodles with swiss chard |

Noodles with Swiss chard and the birth of a recipe

Swiss chard Whenever I see a bunch of Swiss Chard I have a hard time resisting it. It is so lovely and colorful that I keep buying a new bunch (or actually I buy it online at my organic veggies webshop) and since it...

Five culinary tips for Copenhagen |

Five culinary tips for Copenhagen

The best restaurants in Copenhagen I should really start now with a bit of a disclaimer as I obviously did not visit all the restaurants in Copenhagen, let alone that we had a meal on all of them. That is one of the downsides...

Glutenfree beetroot pancakes |

Beetroot pancakes (glutenfree and super delicious)

We are – literally – knee deep into buckets full of paint. Well ok, maybe knee deep is not entirely true but we are painting the whole house on the inside at the moment. And just for the record, it is ridiculously hot at...

Vegan apple muffins |

Vegan muffins with apple and pecan (dairy and glutenfree)

Vegan baking Even though I can no longer call myself a vegetarian I still eat without animal products for most of the week. When we do eat meat it is only from a good source and that usually also means it is more expensive....