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Dudefood Tuesday: Fajita fiesta (two different fajitas)

Tex Mex feast with fajita's |

I love Mexico and I love Mexican Food even more.
I am fond of all the rich herbs and spices they use in their kitchen and the combinations of spicy and peppery with refreshing guacamole or sour cream.
Mexican Food is by far THE hardcore Dude Food if you ask me. Without exception all Tex Mex dishes are dishes made by and made for real men.
For what do you get when men with sombreros and men with cowboy hats start sharing and combining their oldest kitchensecrets?
Clint Eastwood on a plate. And how much dude do you want on a plate?


Week 8 – New start with I quit sugar

Week 8 already and well, we didn’t exactly book a lot of progress. After that initial burst at the beginning where I lost 5 kilo (that hasn’t come back on, so that is a plus) it didn’t move any further. It doesn’t help that...

Glutenfree and sugarfree muffins |

Lemon strawberry muffins – glutenfree and sugar free

I am not necessarily all about eating glutenfree or sugarfree and especially not when it comes to baking. On the contrary; I think – to be honest – that sugar is just very delicious. But I know a lot of people eat sugar free...

Smoothie with raspberries, cranberry juice and chia |

Smoothie with a little bit of spring

It happened all of a sudden this week; I walked outside , the sun was shining and it just happened – for a very brief moment – I had that spring feeling. It’s comparable to the beginning of autumn; you know it is coming...

Savory breakfast pies |

DudeFood Tuesday: Superfast breakfast pastries

Last week it was made very clear again that there will always be a communications gap between men and women. It is as the famous book about this subject already states: ‘Men like to eat a Mars and Women shave with Venus’ or something...

Mustard |

Making your own mustard

I can be the impatient type… Bread that needs to proof is something utterly annoying. Things that need to soak or ferment not much better. And mustardseeds I need to soak overnight… well that just seemed pointless to me. Because yes I had been...

Cavolo nero tartlets |

Tartelets with cavolo nero and spicy mustard

Growing up my mum used to make kale with mashed potatoes quite often. And to my own horror, I absolutely hated it. My mum didn’t have much imagination when it came to the mash. Kale, potatoes and there might have been a sausage I’d...