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Dude food Tuesday: Beer buns

Beer buns |

Men, let me start by giving you a warm welcome in the Dude Kitchen on Dude Food Tuesday. The moment where all men have been waiting for and all women have left Simone’s Kitchen for a bit. Men, food and dude food; that’s what it’s all about during dude food tuesday… Right?

Well, you must all know that feeling. You are doing your typical men things in your man cave. The things that are important and essential for being a guy; standing horizontally on a bench, or trying to practice the stabile sidemove by lying at an angle of 90 degrees and trying to watch tv at the same time. Or you just lie there and stare at your bellybutton, wondering how it’s gonna smell today.

In other words; you are busy training your dude qualities to an unknown level.

mac and cheese |

Mac and cheese Sunday!

It still happens on a very regular basis that I come to the realization that there are still quite a few dishes out there, that I have eaten and that I know but that I never made myself. Well… Duh… Is what you’re probably...

Quinoa beetroot salad |

Home alone and quinoa salad with beetroot – Donna Hay #19

I have this love – hate relationship with being on my own at home. While I am writing this I have just brought Tom away as he is going fishing with friends for a week in Norway. And in case you’re gonna ask that...

Quinoa granola-1

Quinoa granola

I admit I can sometimes be extremely slow… Trends and other hip stuff sometimes pass me by completely until I suddenly wonder why everyone is talking about quinoa (to name just one example) I’ve been eating quinoa (seriously) long before it ever became hip...

Fried onion rings |

Dude Food Tuesday: Fried onion rings

Ok. Last week we have covered the onions for on your burger for the manly recipe of the week. Remember I told you to feel free to buy some extra onions for this week? I hope you did and that you have your onions...

bananenbrood zonder suiker-1

Banana bread: glutenfree and sugarfree

Not so long ago I was traveling to Norway with Lianne from Focus on Foodies… Yes, you guessed correctly; we were traveling to Stavanger in Norway, where I am sure you’ve heard enough of by now.. Lianne eats sugar, dairy and glutenfree. Not because...

Co schedule |

CoSchedule – for scheduling your posts

For years I have been using the Editorial Calendar plugin for scheduling my posts and to get some kind of structure into the planning of whatever I was gonna share. However, since I moved to WPML, the plugin didn’t perform so well anymore. In...