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Dudefood Tuesday: Devilish Dude soup

Spicy tomato soup with beer |
Last week I had to skip my favorite part of the week, DudeFood Tuesday, because this dude was ill.
And everybody knows: when dudes are ill, they are really very, very, very sick!
The Misses said that my illness wasn’t that much, ‘Just some flu and a small laryngitis. Nothing special.’
Nothing special? Nothing special???! The thing I was coping with was a severe flu and a laryn ‘whatever’ with a capital ‘L’ ! The misses still doesn’t know why sickness works different with men  and women. Let me explain it one more time:

Coconut cakes with dark chocolate |

Coconut cakes with chocolate and wíth sugar

You have probably guessed that I have thrown the whole ‘do-not-eat-sugar’ philosophy out of the window. Not that I think sugar is good for you. Noooo sir, but I just can’t be bothered at the moment. It’s just one of those things where people...

Salad with goat cheese and blue berries |

Salad with goatcheese and blueberries

I’m sitting behind my computer but the light is bothering me a bit as I cannot see the screen properly, so I stand up to close the blinds so the sun stays out of the office. But while I am closing them I look...

Chicken with basil |

Phad Kaprao Gai (fried chicken with basil the thai way)

Yes yes, I realize you were all sitting and waiting for another dudefood recipe today, but the dude has been a little bit sick. And you know how men are when not feeling all too well…. So he didn’t feel like creating any new...

Papaya salad with smoked salmon |

Thai salad with smoked salmon

While you are reading this I am still in Vietnam (on the way back in fact) but while I am writing this I am still packing my suitcase and come to the shocking realisation that I have nothing to wear. Well that is not...

Travel: Taste Hungary foodtour – Budapest

Travel: Taste Hungary foodtour – Budapest

Maybe one of my favorite things to do in a new city or new country is to discover the local cuisine and the local delicacies. And yes, you can do those by yourself or you can follow a foodtour, which I totally love doing....

Golden fried crisp chicken |

Dude Food Tuesday: Golden fried chicken

Everybody had a Happy Easter? Me too, but now I’m fed up with eggs! Especially the painted eggs. Because painting eggs is definitely NOT dudey. Nope, for now this dude is done with those oval torpedos of cholesterol. Too bad for you, reader, because...