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Week 8 – New start with I quit sugar


Week 8 already and well, we didn’t exactly book a lot of progress. After that initial burst at the beginning where I lost 5 kilo (that hasn’t come back on, so that is a plus) it didn’t move any further. It doesn’t help that I have a weird injury on my left foot. I have no idea what it is but it makes it hard to move, if not impossible. A physio appointment is scheduled for wednesday so fingers crossed she will find something. It does suck as I am planning to go to Antwerpen next week thursday for two days. Pretty hard if you cannot walk much. We’ll see.

Glutenfree and sugarfree muffins |

Lemon strawberry muffins – glutenfree and sugar free

I am not necessarily all about eating glutenfree or sugarfree and especially not when it comes to baking. On the contrary; I think – to be honest – that sugar is just very delicious. But I know a lot of people eat sugar free...

Smoothie with raspberries, cranberry juice and chia |

Smoothie with a little bit of spring

It happened all of a sudden this week; I walked outside , the sun was shining and it just happened – for a very brief moment – I had that spring feeling. It’s comparable to the beginning of autumn; you know it is coming...

Savory breakfast pies |

DudeFood Tuesday: Superfast breakfast pastries

Last week it was made very clear again that there will always be a communications gap between men and women. It is as the famous book about this subject already states: ‘Men like to eat a Mars and Women shave with Venus’ or something...

Mustard |

Making your own mustard

I can be the impatient type… Bread that needs to proof is something utterly annoying. Things that need to soak or ferment not much better. And mustardseeds I need to soak overnight… well that just seemed pointless to me. Because yes I had been...

Cavolo nero tartlets |

Tartelets with cavolo nero and spicy mustard

Growing up my mum used to make kale with mashed potatoes quite often. And to my own horror, I absolutely hated it. My mum didn’t have much imagination when it came to the mash. Kale, potatoes and there might have been a sausage I’d...


Soba noodles with spicy chicken and lemon oil

Noodles… They make me happy. And this dish is really simple to make. I used soba noodles that are made of buckwheat flour and therefore are glutenfree. Not the reason I used them but I just like the taste. Maybe they’re almost as good...