Chocolate chip surprise from my book!

chocolate chip surprise |

Did you know I just finished my first cookbook? Well it’s a fact: and I haven’t told you all that much about is as the book is in Dutch and I assume that if you come here you do not speak Dutch all that well. If you do, you might want to head on over to 🙂 Anyway, it initially was supposed to come out beginning of september but as those things go there was a small delay which meant that the launchdate was a bit later and would have been september 30th. But you can trust me for booking a holiday during that time so with a lot of combined effort the book launch was pushed forward a bit to september 22nd. Just so I could be at my own party… 🙂 Lol

Storm hairstyle.. :)

Curacao – yet again

In case you were wondering: we’ve been hiding here in Curacao for the last couple of days. It’s been maybe not the best time to book a holiday in Curacao as we’ve had dodgy weather, threatening hurricanes (that thankfully passed), waters that went wild,...

Spicy mango salad with cucumber |

Spicy mango cucumber salad

Hello friends! Did you miss me? Sorry for the absence but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster these last weeks. Lot of things have happened. Some good, some bad. My book is finally here (sorry it’s only in Dutch) and I’m really happy...

Beeetroot salad with blueberries and pistache |

Beetroot salad with pistache and blueberries – whole30 approved!

How beautiful does this look? I love beetroots; they kind of look a little bit like jewels in this salad especially combined with the blue berries… Yes, I’m still on my whole30 and yes this salad is of course whole30 approved and really really...

the paleo solution |

The paleo solution

I’m reading The Paleo Solution at the moment from Robb Wolf. And my mind is in constant turmoil because of it. Part of me finds it endlessly fascinating to read and is convinced he must be telling the truth. Mostly also based on my...