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Cod with red chicory, black quinoa and hazelnuts

Salad with black quinoa, cod and hazelnuts |

Yesterday was the official kickof of the I quit sugar challenge… But it really only starts on monday. The days leading up to monday are for preparing things, cooking some staples in the weekend and more such things. Now as luck would have it, I will be in France from Monday to Wednesday by invitation of Nespresso… And – you guessed it – there are some fine dinners coming up too. So I have decided I will start on Thursday instead of Monday. It makes no sense to start off on the wrong food and there is no way I am going to botherĀ  a 3 star Michelin chef with my sugar addictio.. ;) You’ll no doubt hear all about the trip later too!

Salad with farro and Brussels sprouts |

Salad of farro, pomegranate and brussels sprouts

Walking through the supermarket – as recently converted Brussels Sprouts lover – my eye is suddenly falling on purple Brussels sprouts… And yes, of course I could not leave them in the store but I had to bring them home. Let’s face it; how...


DudeFood Tuesday: Spicy ovenroasted Porkchops

Fellow dudes and DudeFood Kitchen buddies from all over the world, please lean a little closer to your computer (or keep your smartphone even more close to your face), cause I want to share a little secret with you. For today is the 20th...


Week #2: On to a healthier body and mind

So… week 2 is behind us. Was it a good week? Mmm, maybe not so much. It didn’t excel in healthy dishes and the fact that we also had our cooking club last friday didn’t help matters at all. Here an overview of the...

Fennel leek soup |

Fennel leek soup with crispy bacon

Such horrible weather lately… It looks more like autumn than winter really… Storm, rain and temperatures that are way too soft for the time of year. I’ve got to confess that walking sort of falls a bit between the cracks with this weather. Yesterday...

Red snapper with spring onion salad |

Pressuretest: red snapper a la masterchef australia

The ‘mysterybox/pressuretest’ bag had already been delivered on friday. It was something with fish, that was as much as we knew and the recipes didn’t appear to be overly complicated. So we set to work on the Sunday and started with opening the sealed...

Pizza from naan |

DudeFood Tuesday: Naanpizza

I bring you ill tidings, my fellowdudes! This time of year is a terrible time for the DudeFood kitchen. As if we had not tightened our belts enough in the persistent economic recession, this month our house is under the tight reign of losing...