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Dude Food Tuesday : Hong Kong Phooey hotdog

Fried hot dog Hong Kong Phooey |

Or how to turn a cartoon hero into a fried hotdog sandwich..

Dudes, men and all others that are in need when it comes to recipes from the dude kitchen, made by men; I offer you another warm welcome to Dude Food Tuesday.

Dude Food Tuesday, the day that all real men can go wild and feel like a child once more. Talking about child; the somewhat older dudes among us will most certainly remember those wednesday afternoons at the end of the seventies.

Those afternoons that we were perched in front of the tv watching endless cartoons. For a couple of hours you were whisked away by all sorts of cartoon heroes who had the most amazing and adventurous lives. The best and toughest cartoon of that afternoon was of course the secret superhero and carate expert; Hong Kong Phooey.

Chipotle chickenburger with guacamole |

Chipotle chicken burger with guacamole

Little call to action.. ;) I am entering a burger contest with this burger and the big price is a Green Egg, so eh… you get the picture. I would really love to win it. So if you can vote for me here, I...


Inspiration on Saturday; Regula from Miss Foodwise

I met Regula from the unimitable Miss Foodwise,  for the first time during the first Foodblogger Connect I attended all the way back in 2011. It was my first time among such a large crowd of foodbloggers and I sort of naturally leaned towards...

Quinoa granola-1

Food photography: white, whiter and whitest…

I already gave you the recipe for this delicious little dish with quinoa last week and as promised I was going to tell you a little bit more about taking photos of white on white. As you can see in the picture it has...

Sweet and sour prawns in 15 minutes |

15 minute recipe: sweet sour prawns

Sometimes you’re gonna have those days where you just do not have any time, you don’t feel like cooking and you just want to get it over with. For those days it is good to have a couple of go to recipes that are...

Beerbuns |

Dude food Tuesday: Beer buns

Men, let me start by giving you a warm welcome in the Dude Kitchen on Dude Food Tuesday. The moment where all men have been waiting for and all women have left Simone’s Kitchen for a bit. Men, food and dude food; that’s what...

mac and cheese |

Mac and cheese Sunday!

It still happens on a very regular basis that I come to the realization that there are still quite a few dishes out there, that I have eaten and that I know but that I never made myself. Well… Duh… Is what you’re probably...