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Dude Food Tuesday: Healthy salad

Healthy salad |

Maybe I am a bit too early, but I rather share this with you one day sooner than one day too late. So here it is; I quit!
From now on no more unhealthy food  or other ‘dudefood’ like dishes for me.
Ok, I do admit that I have made and invented excessive recipes and gobbled fatty food blatantly, but from now on I rather be penny wise than 130 pound foolish. From this day on I excorcize fat and sugar from this Dudefood kitchen; I ban them. Sugar and fat are my new archnemesis, they are… the Devil!

Delicious cake with raisins and dates |

Raisin cake with dates, pecan and amaretto

You know that I stopped participating in the Iquitsugar challenge right? Just because ‘having’ to do something doesn’t really work very well for me and also because I decided that eating everything within moderation is the best approach always. But eating less sugar is...

Broccoli salad with ginger mayo |

Broccoli salad a la Hemsley + Hemsley

With some books you just know; you have got to have them… And the book by the sisters Hemsley + Hemsley is one such book. The art of eating well. yes it is another book in the long line of healthy eating books, and...

Cajun burger |

Dudefood Tuesday: Chickenburger Cajun style with pineapple

Maybe it’s me, but I’m not that fond of this time of year. The thing that bothers me most is the indecisiveness of the weather. Rain, cold and sunshine are competing with each other and turn every day in a kind of ‘predict your...

Coffee smoothie with cacao |

The morning kick coffee smoothie

I can’t really imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee. Well I cán but I don’t necessarily want to… Too good. It’s also a little bit our quiet moment before the madness of the day starts. Waking up with a cup of...

Potato salad |

DudeFood Tuesday: Potato salad Dude style

DudeFood Tuesday is becoming massively popular throughout the male part of the world. And one way you can tell this is by the huge piles of fanmail that weekly flood our DudeFood kitchen. Among this fanmail I regularly find letters with desperate cries of...

Soto ayam or chicken soup |

Soto ayam or chickensoup Indo style

Weird really, but everytime Esmee and I get together for a cooking session we end up cooking Asian. It doesn’t matter at all what we had planned originally, each time it turns out entirely different. If I am not mistaken we we do ‘something...