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Day 5-7 whole30 – whole36 Roasted broccoli with garlic

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Toegestaan maar laat ik die nou net echt niet lekker vinden!

Last weekend we were in Belgium, where good friends Sandra and Alain were getting married…

We knew it wouldn’t be easy sticking to our whole30 program during a wedding… We had kind of foreseen that would be an issue and well not surprisingly we didn’t fully stick to it.

The dishes we got during dinner were actually quite ok; lots of fish and other beautiful produce. But well, you can’t really walk up to the chef after every single dish and ask how they prepared it exactly. “Listen to me mister chef. I hope you didn’t use any butter preparing that fish or did you add sugar to the dressing maybe? Cream in thes auce?’ And the list could go on. Not something you want to do.

So I have tried to stick to it for as best as I could, shoving a small grain based salad to the side and eating the fish and the vegetables and just simply enjoyed the food. I did skip dessert which in itself, is a major accomplishment for me!

So in terms of food I think I’ve done reasonably well if you don’t count any hidden ingredients. But..  and here it comes.. I did drink a few glasses of wine during dinner… And yes those are also very much off limits.

Kruiden crackers 002

Herb crackers – Whole30 snack

While on the whole30 we’re not supposed to eat any snack or junkfood. So not even paleo approved hamburgers or pizza. The first time that we were doing the whole30 I kind of missed that fact and I than made a delicious cauliflower pizza....

Tomaten salsa paleo approved-1

Day #4 – Simple tomato salsa

Just a quick base recipe in between. Delicious with sweet ripe tomatoes and super quick to make. I made this tomato salso to go with a sweet potato nacho dish I had made. Which I wanted to take a photo of as well but...

Krokante kip met biet en bloemkool couscous

Day #3 – Whole30 – Crackling chicken

I am slightly melting here behind the computer at the moment, but we’ll just pretend that I do not have sweat beads on my upperlip at the moment, right? Day 3 is safely behind us and we’re still going strong… :) Yesterday I spend...

biefreepjes en broccoli-1

Day #2 – whole30 beef with broccoli and mushrooms

I’ve decided to change the numbering as I was getting confused myself. Technically I am writing this on day 3, but I am telling you about day 2, so it makes more sense to name it day 2 right? So yesterday I had this...

wortel salade 001

Day#2 – Whole30 – The sugar debate and carrot salad

I can still vividly remember our very first Whole30. We weren’t allowed any sugars, so naturally the first thing that springs to mind is cookies, cakes and candy. But it was a total shock to discover that sugar is literally in almost everything. And...

Daylight versus artificial

Working with studio strobes – not as scary as you’d think

During the workshops in food photography I give and also through email a lot of people ask me how to work with artificial lights. Now I love daylight and it would probably always be my preferred lightsource but in a lot of situations there...