Shooting dark food photos: editing a chocolate hazelnut bundt cake

Shooting dark photos and editing |

It’s been five years now that we give food photography workshops and in that period of time a lot of things changed. More and more people are getting into food photography and I’ve noticed that their also more people wanting to shoot dark photographs. And let’s face it: it is a thing right? I love the dark and dramatic too, even though I never started out that way. Possibly because I had no idea how to do it.

Roasted garlic hummus with sundried tomatoes |

The best hummus ever: with roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes

It sometimes hits me. Hits me really hard… Here I am “worrying” about the next recipe to make, a job coming up or financial matters. The usual day to day stuff. But than I watch the news and it’s crisis in Africa where people...

National parc Ranomafana |

National Parc Ranomafana – Madagascar

Dark clouds On our way to Ranomafana from Ambositra the clouds quickly gathered together. The closer we got to our final destination, the worse the road became and the darker the sky. And just before we got to the hotel the rain started pouring...

Vegetarian mushroom burger |

Vega burger with mushrooms and water chestnuts

Tofu When I was younger (as in a lot younger) I ate vegetarian for a while. I was beginning twenties and decided to stop eating meat and fish. At that time vegetarian was still a bit of an odd thing. You didn’t have all...

Roasted cauliflower with quinoa |

From meat eater to vegetarian

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I love animals and I am having a hard time getting my head around the way animals are treated in the meat industry. We always tend to look towards the mass meat industry...