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The ultimate dude clubsandwich |

Dude Food Tuesday: Club sandwich in a Dude style

I just got home from the dentist. After a couple of decades my favorite ivory sculptor has started to replace my old fillings. So out with the metal and in with the nice white fillings. At this moment the numbness of the sedation slowly...

Chicken salad with cherries and orange dressing |

Chicken salad with orange dressing and cherries

Whenever I prepare chicken I tend to chose the more common methods such as grilling or baking. I don’t really do a lot of poaching. And that is a bit of a shame really as I can still vividly remember how delicious this coconut...

Carrotsalad with yogurt dressing and dukkah by Annabel Langbein |

Carrot salad with yogurt dressing and dukkah

If you have seen my post on dukkah last week than you know that I am trying to make a dish from Annabel Langbein this month for every single day. And as happens more often with the challenges I set myself, I always have...

Delicious trio of sliders |

Dude Food Tuesday: Sliders threeways (mini hamburgers in delicious flavours)

Yesterday officially was the launch of summer. First day of summer, should stand up for beautiful weather, warm temperatures, t-shirts, short skirts, people laughing, sun, sea, beach and for sure… BARBECUE!!!! Barbecue, the ultimate ‘man hommage’ to summer. That man moment at which every...

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Sukhotai Thailand |

Travel : Sukhotai – Thailand

batak koken

Workshop fish curry in Batak style

Tropical bird |

Sumatra : I’m back!


Berlin – city trip


Muji store Berlin