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Man… that was hard!!! Ian from Coco Bean and me had been shooting some strawberries for his picture tuesday with one of them splashing into milk. I thought that was really cool and actually something that was on my list of things to try out, but… that was really difficult to achieve the desired result! (which I didn’t get by the way)

20090416-8177-199x300I started of with splashing the strawberry in a glass of milk, but because the milk is too deep the strawberry disappears into the white before you have the chance to shoot it properly and as you can guess from this image; you have milk all over the place. So I changed the bowl to a slightly wider bowl and started taking the shot a little bit more from above. That worked better, but I didn’t like the bowl, so I changed it to another one which I also didn’t like.

By that time half of the milk was gone already as it really does splash everywhere, so if you want to try something like this make sure you have enough milk..:) I ended up using a deep plate which worked the best for the effect I had in mind. However; the most difficult part was still to come and that was to make sure the strawberry got dropped into the right spot, hit the shutter at the right time and trying to get the strawberry into the correct focus plane. Not an easy task!!

I ran out of time as I had an appointment but I will definitely be trying this out again soon, but I need to think about how to do this the proper way. I also tried the same thing with bubbly water, but that didn’t look right. You know those images where you see a perfect fruit of some kind getting dropped in water and it just looks perfect? Well, not sure how they do that but it is not so easy. I actually think they might be using a trick to do that. I remember hearing that once from a product photographer, where I followed a workshop, so… hmm, can’t remember what he did, but maybe I still have the notes of the workshop. There must be a better way of doing this..!


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  1. Love the last two photos! Now I want some strawberries 🙂

  2. You are too funny! I’m guessing that the time zones between us are really different because I went to bed, woke up to Ian’s late night post, then your afternoon post! Your photo’s are beautiful (as always). Although Ian and I went through 4 years of art school, we didn’t take any photography classes so in the summer we will be taking some continuing education classes at the university. I can’t wait to actually learn how to use a camera correctly and for Ian they have a class on product photography.

  3. We have a Splash Festival in my old hometown…wanna come?? Looks like you had great fun!!!

  4. Great that you’re gonna take some photography classes Christie! You’ll be hooked in no time, I am sure…:)

    Nina, I would love to come to your splash festival…:)

    Thanks Olga. I have plenty of strawberries left!

  5. Thanks Ian! I will have to wait as I will be in Italy next week, so I will not have time to try anything else untill end of april… 🙁 It’s gonna be interesting to see what we each come up with though!

  6. oooh nicely done! I couldnt stop thinking about the shots today at work, and how I could manage them differently. I have a plan to use a paper tube to drop them more accurately, and I found dropping them slightly off center and away from the camera worked better, as the splash was from the back moving forward. Im definately going to be trying out different things this weekend and post them. I cant wait to see what you come up with 😀

  7. My, do I love your pictures.

  8. the splashing milk looks great!

  9. Hahaha,…the splashing milk looks great! Have fun!

  10. Wow – you’re a braver woman than me – I wouldn’t know where to start to capture these “action shots”! I love the fizzy water one…

  11. Wow, stunning captures!

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