Simone's Kitchen

Donna Hay Challenge

Here you will find the list of all recipes from Donna Hay issue 71 (the fresh issue). What is this challenge you wonder? Well, essentially I set myself the task of cooking every single recipe from one particular issue of Donna Hay Magazine and list them all on here as well. As soon as I made the dish it will be linked here with the recipe on the site


  1. Lettuce and cucumber salad with lemon dressing
  2. Avocado and goat’s curd bruschetta
  3. Salsa verde dressing
  4. Coconut, lime and ginger dressing
  5. Buttermilk, white balsamic and horseradish dressing
  6. Green tahini dressing
  7. Basic yoghurt
  8. Labne
  9. Carrot fritters
  10. Vegetable pickles with burrata
  11. Chicken rice paper rolls with chili dressing
  12. New Caesar salad with oat croutons
  13. Beef, broccolini and quinoa salad
  14. Beetroot, Apple and pancetta salad
  15. Spiced honey lamb racks with citrus couscous
  16. Baby beet, carrot and chickpea salad with labne
  17. Smoked trout and watercress eggwhite
  18. Pearl barley, asparagus and egg salad
  19. Pea and quinoa fritters with tahini dressing
  20. Quinoa white radish and pickled onion salad
  21. Chicken, kale and lentil slaw


  1. Green fish curry
  2. Salmon with samphire and asparagus
  3. Crispy skinned salmon with potato salad
  4. Char grilled steak with green olive, caper and basil
  5. Sesame crumbed pork schnitzel with Asian greens
  6. Snapper with avocado purée and jalapeño dressing
  7. Zucchini, pea and chorizo pasta
  8. Ginger poached chicken with wasabi dressing
  9. Mustard and fennel pork skewers with pea hummus
  10. Green spring minestrone with chicken
  11. Artichoke, spring onion and feta frittatas
  12. Spicy lamb, flatbreads with tabbouleh
  13. Asparagus, zucchini and goat’s cheese pizza
  14. Chicken skewers with fennel and rocket
  15. Kale, mushroom and chili whole wheat pizza
  16. Dukkah crusted pork fillet with broccoli
  17. Seared salmon with sesame edamame and miso
  18. Green tea noodle and smoked salmon salad
  19. Fish and quinoa salad with lime and palm sugar
  20. Roasted garlic and rocket chicken
  21. Portuguese style peri peri chicken with crispy pot
  22. Coconut and lime roasted chicken
  23. Green chili nam jim chicken with coriander salt
  24. Sticky soy and ginger pot-roasted chicken
  25. Lemon thyme roasted chicken
  26. Sumac chicken, chorizo and pomegranate salad
  27. Tarragon and lemon roasted chicken

Desserts or sweets

  1. Lemon and raspberry meringue pies
  2. Oat, orange and ginger crisps
  3. Blueberry and yoghurt loaf
  4. Mini rosewater sponge cakes
  5. Honey sponge cake with almond praline cream
  6. Spiced maple sponge kisses
  7. Almond swiss roll with white chocolate cream
  8. Classic sponge cake with jam and cream
  9. Chocolate sponge layer cake with vanilla mascarpone
  10. Lemon and elderflower sponge cake
  11. Brioche bread and butter pudding
  12. Blood orange marmelade bread and butter pudding
  13. Blueberry and lemon curd bread
  14. Passiofruit bread and butter pudding
  15. Ricotta and fruit bread and butter
  16. Raspberry and vanilla swiss roll
  17. Mixed berry and brioche bread
  18. Mandarin bread and butter pudding


  1. Lemongrass and coconut cocktail
  2. Kaffir lime martini
  3. Lemon, tarragon and gin slushie
  4. Cucumber, basil and rum cocktail
  5. Ruby red grapefruit iced tea