zelf erwtensoep maken

You see… sometimes you have certain dishes. Dishes you simply have never made yourself… Eaten yes, and a lot as well but that is where it ended… And quite frankly I cannot say I ever made my own peasoup. Nope..

And technically I can still not tell you I have made it myself as this delicious example has been made by Tom and he did a fine job too! It’s also very budget friendly, because 1 huge pot of soup costs a total of  € 5,05 and you can eat 6-7 times of that. With two people!That is not so bad I would think. Thankfully Tom wrote down everything he put into that enormous pot of soup so I can share it with you. And I promis I will make it myself the next time (or maybe not…)


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Dutch peasoup

You don't need to search very long on the internet for recipes for 'Old Dutch peasoup'. One makes it with a big piece of ham, another makes it with a leg of pork and so each has it's own thing. But because we are increasingly depending on the supermarkets for our supplies instead of a proper butcher, you will find that a leg of pork is not so easy to find. So I chose to use pork cutlets instead.
Prep Time: 15 hrs 50 mins
Cook Time: 2 hrs
Servings: 10


  • 500 gr splitpeas € 0 50
  • 2 pork chops € 1 95
  • 2 thick cuts of pork belly € 1 02
  • 3/4 celeriac € 0 40
  • 3 leek € 0 60
  • 4 carrots € 0 20
  • 150 gr potatoes € 0 05
  • 2 bay leaves € 0 10
  • 4 peper corns € 0 05
  • 3 stock cubes € 0 33


  • Put a bit of butter in a large soup pot. As soon as it is melted at the pork chops and pork belly and bake them until brown. Put a liter of water on the meat and bring to the boil. Remove the foam that will start to form. Rinse your split peas in a colander and add to the pot. They do not need to soak first. Add bayleaves, peppercorns and the stock cubes. Ad another liter of water and bring to the boil again.
  • Clean, chop and cut all vegetables . As soon as everything is cut ad it to the stock, turn the heat low and simmer for 1,5 to 2 hours. Remove the porkchops and the pork belly and leave these to cool a little bit. First remove the bone of the porkchops and cut them into smaller pieces and ad back to the soup.
  • Fry the porkbelly in a frying pn until nice and crisp. Then cut into smaller pieces and put back into the soup also
  • Remove the bayleaves and add salt and pepper to taste. Cut the smoked sausage into slices and add this into the soup about 15 minutes before serving. When you want to freeze part of the soup, it's best to do this before adding the sausage. You can also heat the sausage separately in a pot of hot water and slice them into your serving bowls.
Course: budget, Soup
Author: Tom Gerrets


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