Papaya salad with smoked salmon |
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Thai salad with smoked salmon

While you are reading this I am still in Vietnam (on the way back in fact) but while I am writing this I am still packing my suitcase and come to the shocking realisation that I have nothing to wear. Well that is not entirely true, but all my plans of losing weight and getting healthy seems to have gone…

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Soto ayam or chicken soup |
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Soto ayam or chickensoup Indo style

Weird really, but everytime Esmee and I get together for a cooking session we end up cooking Asian. It doesn’t matter at all what we had planned originally, each time it turns out entirely different. If I am not mistaken we we do ‘something with fish’ this time. Uhu… do you see any fish in this soup? Nope… Not a…

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Green mango salad

We were on a trip through Thailand and during a stop somewhere along the way in a small and rather dodgy little restaurant, Sandra our guide, told us that we should really try the green mango salad. Now I am a real mango fan, but eating an unripe mango did not immediately strike me as the ultimate culinary delight. But…

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Asian hamburgers with sticky rice

As if women cannot make good hamburgers… Pffft… That is my reaction after reading Tom’s story on Dude Food Tuesday… Ha! These little Asian flavored darlings didn’t have too much trouble finding their way into his stomach however. Esmee and I made these during our Asian cooking session last week. Very good with sticky rice and green mango salad. The…

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Rogan Josh curry |
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Rogan Josh Curry and getting older

Last monday we were visiting my parents and to be totally honest it always makes me kind of depressed. Such a sad sight to see them struggling so much. Both my parents are 80 years old, which is a respectable age, but my mum has been suffering from parkinson’s disease for the last 20 years. And it’s a bad version…

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