Paleo week menu

Since I’ve got the question more than once: I’ve decided to create a weekly paleo menu going forward. I will post the menu each week on the Thursday so you have time to do the shopping and prep for the week ahead.

Each paleo menu will be from Monday through to Sunday with Sunday being a sweet recipe. And the rest being evening meals only. You’ll have to figure out breakfast and lunch on your own. 🙂

Tomato curry with zucchini noodles

Monday – tomato curry

This is by far one of my favourite curry recipes and the perfect summer edition. It’s vegetarian but you could easily ad in some chicken if you so desire.

Find the recipe for the tomato curry here.

Tuesday – Sweet potato rice with meat balls

Another favourite is this delicious dish. I call it sweet potato ‘rice’ but it’s just finely chopped sweet potato. Try for yourself. It’s super easy to make and delicious for a week night!

Find the recipe for the sweet potato rice with meat balls here.

Sweet potato rice with meat balls
Nasi goreng paleo and whole30

Wednesday – nasi goreng (paleo and whole30 proof)

This delicious nasi goreng dish is made with chicken and shrimps and cauliflower rice. It’s delicious, filling and you will want to make it time and time again!

Check the recipe for the paleo nasi goreng here.

Thursday – potato salad with sausages

Wether you eat white potatoes or not is up to you. I occasionally include them but you can substitute the white for the sweet potato if you want.

Check the recipe for the potato salade with sausages here.

Potato salad
Thai basil chicken

Friday – Thai basil chicken

This is a quick and simple meal to make. If you don’t like courgette with this you could substitute for cauliflower rice instead.

Find the recipe for the Thai Basil chicken here

Saturday – paleo gado gado

I love making this on a busy Saturday as the veggies are eaten cold so that is perfect for making ahead of time and just creating the almond sauce at the last minute. I added chicken but you can easily make this veggie instead.

Find the recipe for the paleo gado gado here.

Paleo gado gado bowl |
Gluten free brownies

Sunday – gluten free brownies

These brownies are so good! It’s a favourite here and everyone loves them. Wether they eat gluten free or not. It’s a bit crumbly so make sure you serve them with a plate. Or risk having the flour covered in crumbs.. That’s fine too! 🙂

Find the recipe for the paleo brownies here.

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Paleo week menu

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