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Chocolate and bacon

A lot of people tell me that I use a lot of words for a Dude.
So today I will prove that I too can be a man of few but strong words.
And to strengthen my case this Dude will also give you a Dudey recipe for a manly snack.
Fast, simple and delicious which doesn’t need much words, because the combination of flavours tells it all.
But before I give you this tasty little treat, first a little story about how I came to this recipe…It was a Sunday and it was one of those Sundays that I didn’t have to work.
So I already thought about the quality time I would have on this day with the Misses.
I looked forward to going out with the Misses and having lunch at some Dudey lunchplace after a stiff early spring walk.
But what’d you think? It was Sunday and both the Misses and yours Dude truly, were lazy as Hell; or as we use to call it: ‘labbeykak.’
Despite the weather being fairly good for the time of year, we couldn’t get our lazy butts out of the chairs and couches in the house.
I can hear you thinking already: “But a real Dude, would never yield to his lazy moods, would he?”, and you are more than right about that.
But a real Dude also knows when to listen to the message of his body. And when the body yells and screams: “Keep me on the couch on your rare day off!”, then a Dude heeds this warning and obeys.
So my activity filled Sunday turned into a lazy couch potato day and the Misses didn’t mind either.

Bacon in chocolate |

So there I was, lying on the couch and completely giving in to that primal Dude instinct that commanded me to stay on that sofa and don’t move too much. (hmm, I think I will write a song one day that has this line in the lyrics…)

With a torpid look at the Misses I said that I was in need for a snack (actually my look wasn’t that torpid. My look was more a lazy kind of one. But I just wanted to use the word torpid. I like the torpid word, Don’t know why but I just do).
The Misses looked back at me in the same torpid way (there you have that word again. I like it.) and said she could also use a snack. A sweet snack.
“Nahhh, I more in a savory snack mood. Something meaty.”, I returned.
And then the tug-of-war between Misses on chair and Dude on couch began: “Sweet, savoury, Sweet, Savoury, SWEET, SAVOURY!”
The sweet n savoury bouncing stopped after five minutes, when I hauled my wretched body (yes, I also like the words: haul and wretched!) and went for the kitchen to make a sweet snack.
A sweet snack that is based on something savory, that is. A dude with a plan, doesn’t give in that easy.
And that’s how I produced a sweet and savory snack in under ten minutes, which was welcomed by both flavour camps.
Crispy bacon coated in melted pure chocolate. To add some kick to this snack I also added some finely sliced chilli. Yum!

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Fast snack: Crispy bacon covered in chocolate

Superfast and easy snack of bacon and chocolate with some thinly sliced red chilies Sweet, savory and even spicey in one bite.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 3 -4


  • 10 to 15 slices of streaky bacon
  • 125 gr dark chocolate
  • 1 red chili thinly sliced or diced (deseeded)


  • Bake the streaky bacon until brown and crisp in a skillet or frying pan. Drain the crisp bacon on some kitchentowel.
  • Melt the chocolate bain marie
  • Dip the bacon for 3/4 in the melted chocolate or use a small kitchenbrush to 'paint' the chocolate on the bacon. Sprinkle some of the sliced chili on the chocolate.
  • Let the chocolate set for some time (to let the chocolate harden faster, put the bacon chocolate snacks in the fridge for a couple of minutes).
  • Serve the bacon choc snacks with a good beer or a sweet white wine.
Course: Snack
Author: Tom Gerrets


The nutritional values above are calculated per portion. The details are based on standard nutritional tables and do not constitute a professional nutritional advice.

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Bacon in chocolate |

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