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Vegan mayonnaise with aquafaba (chickpea fluid)

Vegan mayonaise from chickpea fluids |

Vegan “mayonnaise”

Officially you cannot call this mayonnaise as there are no eggs in it. Apparently it is a thing… Whatever the name, I was very surprised that this recipe worked so well. I tried making vegan mayo before with soy milk. That worked wonderful but a lot of people don’t want to use any soy so I got questions on making it with almond milk or some other plant based milk.

Not enough protein

The problem with the other milks however is that the protein content is not sufficient to get a mayonnaise like consistency. It is also the reason soy is fairly popular among vegetarians. They can use the extra protein source. But as we all know soy has a lot of other issues, so avoiding it is not a bad idea. So what to do?

Vegan mayonnaise with chickpea |


Someone asked if they could use chick pea fluids, also known as aquafaba. I was sceptical to say the least but willing to try. And boy was I surprised! It works better than the soy version, easier too, plus I liked the taste better. Mission successful! The funny thing is that you can also make meringue out of aquafaba. I haven’t tried that yet but I have tasted it and you can’t really tell the difference between the real thing and the chick pea version! Magical stuff….

Vegan mayonnaise

One thing to keep in mind that to use this for making mayonnaise you will need to make sure you have enough fluid. I initially bought two cans of organic chick peas but those had hardly any fluids in them. At the end I used glass jars with chick peas as those had the biggest amount of aquafaba. Something to be aware of. Not sure if the issue was the organic part of that there will be difference in brands. Soaking your own chick peas is another option but one I haven’t tried yet!

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Vegan mayonaise from chickpea fluids |
Vegan mayonaise using aquafaba
Cook Time
10 mins
  • 3 tbsp chickpea liquid from a can
  • 1/2 tbsp mustard of your choice
  • juice of half a lemon
  • olive oil
  1. Use a high mixing bowl and a stick blender to mix the aquafaba, the mustard and the lemon juice. Add a bit of salt and pepper. Put your stickblender in and mix briefly. Now add the olive oil in a thin stream until the mixture has the desired consistency. Add more oil if it is too thin and add more lemon juice if it is too thick. Same as regular mayo.
  2. Add various flavors to bring it to taste. I used pepper and smoked paprika but you can make an aioli out of it by using garlic for instance or more lime to make a lime mayo…

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  1. That is a really good idea. I seldom make vegan mayonaise (until now with soy milk) but I will try this for sure!

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  3. Thanks for the recipe!
    How much olive oil are we talking about here? I’ve poured a bunch in (a 1/4 cup?) while blending simultaneously and it is still very liquid-y.

    • I didn’t use all that much. But it greatly depends on the amount of aquafaba you’re using. That’s why I didn’t give any specific measurements for the olive oil. I didn’t measure mine as I was pouring it in while blending. If I’d have to guess a quarter cup is probably right. Although you may have used more aquafaba?

  4. Trying this out today! How long will it keep in the fridge?

  5. I thought vegans always argued that they could easily get enough protein from veggies? I am a recent convert due to a recent diagnosis, so I’m not trying to be rude. I’m curious what your thoughts are. 🙂

    • Well you can get enough protein from vegetables. You just have to be mindful on which ones to eat to get enough in on a daily basis. Most proteinrich are legumes (mung beans, legumes etc.) but also mushrooms contain protein.

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