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Rhubarb strawberry jam

rhubarb strawberry jam |

Making jam is not something I do very often. Not because it is insanely difficult to do but well, it is just one of those things that I never really get around to doing. But I’ve been into rhubarb madness lately and as things go; when Esmee and I were cooking up a storm last week I had a big pile of rhubarb. And let’s be honest; how many pies and cakes can you make with rhubarb. No scratch that question as that list is endless, but I should maybe say how many cakes can you make in one day?

There is a point where you might want something different… Rhubarb strawberry jam |

Every time I made jam it has been with the full sugarload. Not that I have anything against sugar but I like my jam to be more fruity than purely sweet. So since Esmee and I had to go to the store to get some jars for her we ended up getting a little bottle of pectine as well. For those who have never made jam before; in a standard storebought jam there could be up to 50% of sugar in there and 50% fruit. You’d mostly use jelly sugar which is made for making jam and will make sure the jam gets stiff enough. Rhubarb strawberry jam |

The ratio fruits to pectine was a little hard to find. Pectine is what you use to replace sugar. Not all sugar as it still need some real sugar to work but in this case we had a way better ratio of fruit to sugar. Making it less sweet and more delicious really. This jam was on the thin side so I think we should have added more pectine or changed the way we worked with it. I have no expertise in working with pectine so if there is a reader out here who knows all about pectine, let me know what is the ideal way to do this?

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rhubarb strawberry jam |
Rhubarb strawberry jam
When properly sterilized (see notes below) you can keep the jam for up to a jar unopened. Once opened, keep in the fridge and eat within two weeks.
Servings: 4 jars
  • 500 gram strawberries cleaned and cut into pieces
  • 700 gram of rhubarb cleaned and cut into pieces
  • 220 gram sugar
  • 20 gram of pectine powdered form
  1. Place the fruits into a sauce pan that is big enough and turn on the heat. You do not need to add liquid as the fruits will release more than enough liquid already. Add the sugar and pectine and stir through the fruit.
  2. Leave to simmer until the fruits are cooked and fall apart somewhat. You want it to still have some bite.. You can cook it longer if you prefer it smoother of course.
  3. Sterilise the jars. Put the jam in, turn the lid on and place them upside down and leave to cool.


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  1. I love that you used less sugar as I don’t like overly sweet jam.

    Absolutely stunning photography as always.

  2. I really like making (and eating) jam. My husband doesn’t touch it. 

    My father didn’t cook much but he did make one jam… strawberry rhubarb. It was also his favourite pie.

    Your jam would make him happy. 

  3. I never seem to get around to making jam either. This one looks lovely! Rhubarb and strawberry is hard to beat in flavor for jam.

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