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Freekeh salad with halloumi

Freekeh salad with halloumi |

It’s been a little quiet here for the last couple of days. I just returned from a fun few days in London, than the site needed to be moved to mobile responsive (and it works! Check it out on any mobile device to see what it looks like… If you see any bugs or weird things please let me know!) and stuff like that always takes more time than you thought it would. So no time for new posts for a bit. Freekeh salad with halloumi |

The layout of the homepage has also changed a tiny bit. You only really see that when you come on the site through the homepage. I used to have one large post and than the smaller ones underneath but I figured I remove the big one and just have the smaller options. Making it – I think – a bit better to oversee the content and take your pick. And you’ll still see the full image if you click on the post to go through.

London was great fun, even though I saw rather little from London itself. Do outrageously expensive cocktails in the Ritz count? Let’s just say it was a once in a lifetime experience but 19 pound for a cocktail is well… quite ridiculous really. But anyway, I wasn’t planning on telling you all about London. I will do that in a later post!

freekeh salad with halloumi |

For now I am sharing this delicious salad with my favorite cheese halloumi. I just posted this before on the Dutch side and asked if anyone had a good suggestion for how to bake halloumi without being splattered with oil. Someone responded saying it would be good to use on a griddle without oil… And I thought “well duh….why did I not think of that?? How silly.. ” So.. if you are preparing halloumi you can best bake it on a griddle or grillpan. No oil. The oil always pops and spatters all over the place with halloumi. Slight nightmare. Not necessary apparently…

I love the combination with the slightly nutty flavor of the freekeh and I paired it with our own basil oil and tomato vinegar. Killer combo!

Freekeh salad with halloumi, tomatoes and rocket


  • 125 gram freekeh
  • 150 gram cherry tomatoes
  • 100 gram halloumi
  • arugula
  • optional: basil leaves
  • 1 tbsp of basil oil
  • 1 tbsp of tomato vinegar. If you do not have that, than a good apple cider or sherry vinegar would be nice


  1. Cook the freekeh according to the instructions on the package. Drain, leave to cool.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and the halloumi into cubes
  3. Heat oil in a pan and bake the halloumi or use  griddle and bake the halloumi without oil
  4. Leave to drain on kitchen paper
  5. Add all ingredients together, shake and sprinkle with the basil oil and vinegar

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