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Parsley and making parsley oil

Flatleaf and curly parsley |

The herb parsley we know mostly as part of a pretty garnish on even prettier plates.

Unfortunately, I would say, because parsley has a lot more to offer than just being pretty and being shoved aside as soon as people start eating.

In our garden, the parsley has received a prime spot in a planting box that is hanging from the fence. It is elevated above all the other herbs and looking out over our tiny garden. A spot it rightfully deserves as it is worldwide, possibly the most used herb in the kitchen.

Making your own parsley oil |


Parsley was well known in the ancient Greek history, as mythology tells us that this herb is stemming from the blood of a Greek hero…

Parsley is the little sister of celery and therefore belongs in the same plant family. You can find three kinds of parsley:

Flat leaf parsley: this parsley is best know for it’s typical and fresh parsley flavor.

Curly parsley; the misunderstood maker of flavors, that is usually just being used to play garnish.

Parsley root: the name says it already; here you use the root of the parsley and the flavor of the root is a little more earthier and tastes somewhat of celeriac.


Of course like most herbs, parsley is also claimed to have various medical and practical properties. It contains various oils, which are claimed to have anti flamatory qualities and can protect against cancer.

The little plants is also full of iron and potassium which makes it really good if you’re suffering from aenemia plus it is a natural herb to use for lowering blood pressure. In order to benefit from all this you would have to have it on the menu every day of the week though.

And – maybe the best use of all – if you’ve been snacking heavily on the garlic, take a large mouthful of parsley to end the garlic fest. It is said to mask your garlic breath and makes sure you’re social life doesn’t have to suffer from your culinary (garlic) adventures.

Too much parsley in the house? Try and make this parsley oil!

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Spicy parsley oil
  • Bunch parsley
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • juice of half a lime
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • splash of tabasco
  • seasalt
  • black pepper
  1. Put all ingredients together in a stick blender and turn until it resembles a paste. If it is too thick add some more oil. You can sift the contents if you want to get rid of the little bits of parsley floating around. Giving you a bright green oil. This is – however – not necessary.

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  1. Fun post, Tom! Parsley is one of those things most of us just take for granted — I too often do, that’s for sure. Never thought to make parsley oil, but I like the idea. Definitely will try — thanks.

  2. 5 stars
    I love this for cooking and for accompanying vegetables. Your recipe doesn’t state but I would like to know more about storage – how long does it keep, etc.?

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