canstockphoto8542345It’s a well know fact that everything tastes better if you add a little bacon to it. Sweet or savoury is irrelevant. Bacon is a flavor that can add huge yumminess to lots of different recipes.

When you roast a big piece of meat in the oven and you’re afraid it might get dry, adding strips of bacon can be your salvation. Delicious over the meat so everything below it stays moist and juicy. Plus you have the added bonus of bacon flavor.

I myself am a big fan of bacon in general and the cripsy variety specifically.

Those salty crumbs with their smoky flavor, are an enrichment for a world of dishes. And… the crumb also gives a crispy and crunchy addition.

Think of all those creamy soups that get a bit of bite by adding bacon to it. These reipces for celeriac soup and fennel leek soup are two examples where the bacon crumble just gives that bit of extra to the dish.


You’ve seen those insanely delicious donuts with bacon where it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that sweet and salty go so well together. Sprinkle some bacon crumbs over a sweet dessert. You’ll be amazed at how it will enhance the taste of your dessert. Stir a couple of tablespoons of bacon crumble through a sweet balsamic vinegar or honey and use it to brush you meat when it comes of the BBQ. Delicious!

And now for the best news: this delicious crumb is so very easy to make!

It takes you no more than ten minutes and possibly even less to make a bacon crumb and enhance lots of dishes.

I’m sharing two ways to make a bacon crumb:

Bacon crumble from the pan/oven

Heat a frying pan without any added grease and add thin strips of bacon into it. Bake these on each side for about 5 minutes until golden. Leave to drain on kitchen paper. And beware, this is the essential part as it will only crisp up after the kitchenpaper treatment… 🙂 Chop with a knife or stickblender and keep warm in a preheated oven of 180 ˚C. Not entirely necessary but it makes it even crunchier. I tend to do without the oven step.

Bacon crumble from the microwave

Place strips of bacon between two sheets of kitchen paper. Make sure that each strip is free and not covering another piece of bacon. Place this on a plate and for 5 minutes into a microwave. The grease from the bacon will be absorbed by the kitchen paper.

Chop with a knife and you’re done.

And if you want even finer crumbs you can of course use the stickblender. I’m curious to hear what flavor combinations you know with bacon crumble!

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