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If you’re anything like me you’ve been busy planning for your Christmas menu for days. weeks… heck maybe even months. I can spend hours with stacks of cookbooks, magazine and anything else you’ll find recipes. Jotting down ideas, crossing them out, thinking of what menu items to make. As a foodblogger I rarely ever make anything twice, for the simple reason that I want to be able to share new recipes with you and I just like cooking new things. And let’s be honest; you’ll all get bored really quickly if I would serve you with the same old stew five times in a row, right?

The only exception to that rule is with Christmas. Because that is THE time in the year when I want to know what I will be serving. It’s ncie to have a tried and tested recipe. Just so you know you don’t have to sweat all that hard being scared that something will fail. Although having said that: I can still remember that very first turkey… Hahaha… Not something we could really test so it was just ‘go with the flow’

Salmon tartar with arugula oil |

But this year I thought it would be a fun idea to give you a few combinations of recipes that I already have on the blog. Kind of like a menu suggestion. I’ve divided it into an easy menu (this one), a medium and a difficult one later one. I kept it to a three course meal but you can of course add dishes if you want. I went for a version with a delicious salmon tartar (which we’ve made several times already and always a winner) which can be made in advance easily. As a main a glaced sticky ham with orange marmelade and cranberry sauce. And for dessert this fabulous mascarpone trifle. You can’t go wrong here!


The easy Christmas menu

Salmon tartar with arugula oil

Sticky glazed ham with cranberry sauce

Sidedish: roasted vegetables

Potato puree with celeriac (no recipe here but just use 50/50 potato vs celeriac)

Mascarpone raspberry trifle with cranberry sauce

Kleverige ham |

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