Salmon tartar with arugula oil

I have this ambivalent feeling when it comes to christmas… I just totally love the season; I love the fairy lights, the warmth indoors and the cold outdoors, I get all sentimental and all of a sudden have the urge to go read trash novels, that I really never read normally..:)
But then when it comes to the actual days of christmas… I am not sure; it always seems to be a bit of a disappointment don’t you think? First we have to decide which family to go to, his or mine. It’s never a real fight as we kind of found a good ‘mode’ when it comes to visiting the family.

Salmon tartar with arugula oil |

The tradition that we have developed over the years is that we have friends over on one day and we visit one of our families the other day. So last year we went to mine, so that means that this year it’s his… It actually sounds awful doesn’t it? To be honest; I do think that most people feel the same way about christmas. Or at least a lot of people do. Somehow part of christmas can very quickly feel like an obligation rather then the joy it is supposed to be.. Anyway, to make our lives a little easier we had decided to cater for the family this christmas, so we actually get to spend both days in our own home for a change.
The only disadvantage being; we have to cook for two days. Now we decided to make it easy by choosing similar recipes for both days. Meaning that we have to eat the same things for two days, but at least it is more convenient as a lot of the dishes can be prepared up front and we can just eat one thing the first day and pick another the next. It’s not as if there is not going to be any choices since we are making a buffet style dinner.
To make a long story short; the ricotta from yesterday was quite good. I ate the salmon first and that was soooo good that the ricotta felt a bit like a disappointment at first but it wasn’t really. Quite tasty, bit salty due to the humus but really a satisfying little snack.
This salmon though….. pure heaven!
The green stuff you see lying around the salmon is actually rocketsalad-oil which is soo simple to make and yet so delicious.
It is a combination between smoked salmon and salmon filet, creme fraiche and lemon juice and really not much more then that. So this is going to be our actual starter before the buffet. I wanted to make something that looks good and you can serve on a plate and is easy to make upfront.
I did try to plate one before but that is the only thing you really have to do at the last moment as it just starts to look a little less fresh. it still tastes fantastic but it looks better freshly plated. I used a ring to press the mixture in. Works perfectly and the color of the oil complements the dish very well.
Salmon tartar with arugula oil
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Salmon tartar with arugula oil

Servings: 8


  • 25 gr arugola rocketsalad
  • 200 ml olive oil
  • 2 x250 gr salmon filet
  • 3 x100 gr smoked salmon
  • 1 lemon
  • 200 ml creme fraiche
  • 15 gr chive finely chopped


  • Remove the tickets stems from the arugola and put it in the kitchenmachine. While the machine is turning add the oil slowly.
  • Put the oil away for about an hour at roomtemperature, add salt afterward to taste.
  • Chop the salmonfilet and smoked salmon in cubes. Makes 8 thin slices from the lemon and squeeze the rest. Mix both salmon types with lemonjuice, creme fraiche and about 3/4 of the chives. Cover and keep refrigerated untill you use it.
  • Put the from on a plate and fill with 1/8 of the salmon mixture. With the back of a spoon press it firmly. Remove the ring. Put a slice of lemon on the salmon and some strings of the chives. Drip the arugola-oil around the salmon and serve.


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