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Make your own fudge the easy way

I love fudge but I was always under the impression that it involved a lot of complicated things like measuring the sugar temperatures and such. Until we discovered that you can make fudge with condensed milk. The first time we tried it we decided to try adding cherries into it, but – on second thought – that was not the wisest decision. The moisture in the cherries bled into the fudge making it too soft in certain places. Still the flavor was pretty awesome so we tried again.

Easy to make fudge | insimoneskitchen.com

This time Tom added little bits of marzipan into it as well as gingerbread cookies (we call them ‘kruidnootjes’ and use them around Sinterklaas.) and they are amazing! If you’re Dutch it would be perfect around Sinterklaas but if you’re not these will go down really well around Christmas too. It has all the right flavors for this time of month.

Tom made two layers: one with dark chocolate and one with white chocolate but you can – of course – choose to do just one color of this fudge. Technically it is probably not real fudge but the texture and the flavors are very similar and it’s easier to make (although I still don’t know how you make “real” fudge but will find out soon)

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Easy to make Christmas fudge

Total Time: 15 mins
Servings: 8 people


  • 200 gr white chocolate
  • 200 gr milk chocolate
  • 30 gr butter
  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 100 gr marzipan chopped into small pieces
  • 100 gr gingerbread cookies crushed


  • We're making two different layers of fudge, so melt half of the butter (15 grams) in a saucepan. Best to do this in a double boiler. You can do it on direct heat as well but make sure the pan doesn't get too hot. Once the butter has melted add the milk chocolate in and let this melt with the butter.
  • Once the chocolate has melted, add half of the condensed milk can to it. Keep stirring until it is a smooth mix and stir in the chopped small pieces of marzipan.
  • Use a low baking tray, cover the inside with baking paper. Pour the contents of your pan in the baking tin and spread it evenly across the bottom. Than place it in the fridge for half an hour so the first layer can set while you prepare the second one.
  • Repeat the process for the second layer but this time use the white chocolate and add the crumbled ginger cookies through it. Pour this on top of the milk chocolate layer and leave to set in the fridge for a few hours.


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