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Lunch: Wraps with yazzara and roast beef

Wraps with roastbeef and pumpkin dip |

First a question: if it is late one evening, let’s say around 7 pm or 7.30 pm, before you’re home from work. Do you jump right into the kitchen to prepare something or do you opt for a quick snack instead? I don’t know about you, but the later it becomes the more difficult I find it to even think about standing in the kitchen for half an hour or more. By that time I am hungry and don’t feel like waiting for food to cook, bake, be cut or whatever. I just want it done and eat.


And ofcourse it is not a nightmare if you eat something really fast like a sandwich or – well – even junkfood. It’s ok if that happens once a month, but if it becomes three times a week that is what I call an issue. Because having unhealthy food three times a week is just not a good idea.

At the moment Tom is at the market three times a week and that means we get up at 6 am and he is home by 7 pm or even 8 pm if the market is further away. “Nothing wrong with eating already” I can hear you think but we just don’t like that. We are attached to our meals together.. 🙂 And so we try and plan around it and some weeks that works out better than other weeks. Now that I am slowly becoming a bit more mobile (or at least I can wheel around in my chair) it becomes easier and I can start cooking when I know Tom is on his way home. So we can jump right in by the time he steps in the door.


And that it can sometimes literally be done in a few minutes is proven by this delicious little dish. It’s wrapped up (haha) literally within a few minutes and for a quick bite it is quite healthy. If you use whole wheat wraps it makes it even healthier. We used the super delicious yazzara dip from Maza. You might not know that particular dip but it is carrot and pumpkin dip. A little sweeter than your average hummus and very good on this wrap. I add quite heavy layer.. 🙂 I than covered it with lettuce, carrots, roastbeef and cucumber strips but it is obviously really easy to vary. Maza also has loads of other delicious spread and dips and I love their hummus. It’s one of the best premade. They also have a lovely variety with hummus ras el hanout and one with herbs. Or make a wrap with the labneh (yoghurt dip) A little fresher and also delicious.

You can find Maza usually in the supermarket in the cool section with salads.

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Lunch: Wraps with yazzara and roast beef
Prep Time
15 hrs 51 mins
Cook Time
15 hrs 51 mins
Course: lunch
Servings: 2 people
Author: Simone van den Berg
  • 4 wraps
  • 1 package of yazzara dip
  • 100 gr roast beef
  • arugula
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1/2 cucumber
  1. Spread the wraps liberally with the yazzara.
  2. Grate the carrot and cut the cucumber in strips
  3. Cover the wrap with the slices of roastbeef. Add some arugula, strips of cucumber and some grated carrot. Roll the wrap and cut in two.
  4. Serve immediately

Disclaimer: This post is a cooperation with Maza

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  1. If it’s late in the evening we are often tempted to make/buy something super easy, but we still always try to make it blogworthy, haha! The maza dip sounds great, I really like pumpkin hummus so I’m sure I’d love this too!

  2. Morning Simone!
    It’s cold here in Canada. It is trying to snow, but we have none on the ground.
    Can you tell me what yazza dip is
    This sandwich is so simple but looks SO good!
    It really appeals to me.

    • He Charlie! Well it’s quite warm for the time of year here, although it’s almost march already so maybe it’s normal now.. Not sure but it’s roughly between 5-10˚C.
      Yazzara is a pumpkin carrot spread. In consistency it’s best compared to hummus. The brand is Maza but I’m not sure in which countries they do and don’t sell. They are international but not sure how far out. It’s delicious. I hope you can find it.

  3. Oeh wat ziet dit er onwijs lekker uit. Deze spread kende ik nog niet! Heb je blog net gevonden, heel erg mooi ziet het eruit. Heerlijk!

  4. This looks great! Will definitely have to try this!

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