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Bagel with creamcheese and smoked salmon

Creamcheese bagel |

While this is certainly not the most creative bagel you can come across I do think it is one of those classic combinations that are just soooo good! I had to be in the studio today and figured I might as well have some fun with my lunch before eating it… 🙂 I didn’t feel like cooking anything (way to hot here right now!!) so I just got myself a few bagels, salmon, creamcheese and fresh chives and rocket. I then tried out various compositions and lighting things, just for fun and to see what the difference is if you vary light and angles on the exact same subject. I normally don’t do a lot of dark shots but I kind of like the one above. I think it is one of my favorites but let me know what you think!

Creamcheese bagel |

The second one is a much lighter setting as I used one Bowens from the left behind and a fill-in from the front/side. Also the props are much lighter which gives a very different feel to the whole shot.

Creamcheese bagel |

Version 3 is a top view with light from left behind and fill-in from the front side again. I used top views a lot when I shoot at home. There is usually some clutter on our dining room table and shooting from above eliminates most of that..! So it just tends to be out of laziness.. 🙂

I was really planning on posting this yesterday but guess what; I got hacked again! For the second time in one week and this one was a pain as I couldn’t get it fixed without help. And since I found out after working hours I had to wait untill today.

So then it was finally fixed although I am kind of worried that it will be happening again soon! Seems to be a sport to annoy people enormously! Fingers crossed I’ll be ok for a while.

I bought an Ipod Touch today as well. Whoohoo!! I am a bit of gadget fan, so I don’t really need it, it’s just a fun thing to have. I have a blackberry which I use for business, so I did have a good phone so no need to buy an Iphone. The Touch is basically an Iphone but without the phone. Fine by me! Still figuring out how to use it though…

We also went to a food festival in Amsterdam today but I will be posting about that tomorrow!

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Creamcheese bagel |
Bagel with creamcheese and salmon
  • 1 bagel of your choice
  • creamcheese
  • chives
  • arugula
  • smoked salmon
  1. Toast your bagel lightly. Mix the chives with the creamcheese and spread on top of the sliced bagel
  2. Top with salmon and arugula


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  1. Salmon and cream cheese rocks! Hi. I just thought I’d let you know. I am from the Philippines. Happy weekends!

  2. Oh yummy! Your salmon looks so fresh and delicious.

  3. Yummy! I like the picture with the dark background. It would even been better if there was a little bit more light on the front of the bagel. It also gives a richer and exclusive feeling to the salmon bagel . The lighter version looks like a fresh light lunch dish. So it’s all in the feeling you want to give to product.

  4. I love the salmon/cream cheese combo Simone. And I prefer the first pic. In regards to your account being hacked. My advice is to change all your passwords. Your login password for WP and your FTP password as well. just a thought…

  5. The top (dark) shot is actually my favorite in this case. Very dramatic, the colors really pop!

  6. Classics are always good and so enjoyable to have! Looks sooo delicious!

  7. TO DIE favorite Sunday brunch/breakfast/anytime snack in the world, being a NYer and all LOL I was nursed on the stuff! Beautiful job, as it looks even better than the ones you get at a NYC deli! Now, looking forward to your Bakewell post!!

  8. This is a classic bagel here in Montreal. Simple, but oh so good!

    I agree, the darker shot is very appealing. But then again, your pictures are always wonderful!

  9. I love the combo cream cheese , chives and raw or smoked salmon I prefer the first pic, the light is stunning giving some kind of drama to scene and the composition is really good

  10. You are too funny! You sound like my husband and his love of gadgets. I love your photos and I agree that the darker one on top is the best as far as depth and lighting, but that is all personal. But I love bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon.

  11. I actually prefer the lighter one. I think it makes the food look fresh and inviting. And I agree that this combination is definitely a classic (and so yummy…)

  12. Love salmon and bacon and cream cheese! Sometimes I like adding a slice of a tomato or a few slices of cucumbers.
    Sorry you got hacked ;(
    The Amsterdam festival looks like a ton of fun!

    I think the first shot is a great close-up and the second one tells the entire story. Both are great.

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