Day 5

Day 5 was not as good as day as I had hoped it would be. And I got very cranky.. Maybe not so much because of the whole30 but maybe it had everything to do with how my day went. First of all we had a good breakfast with scrambled eggs, paprika and a little bit of bacon. I would be taking my mum for an appointment to the neurologist (she has Parkinson so it was a checkup) and I had planned to pick up something somewhere afterwards.

Day 5 whole30 |

My mum decided however that she wanted to go grocery shopping afterwards and o, let’s also go the pharmacy while we’re at it. My mum is in a wheelchair so that means having to put the freaking thing in the car every single time. And my car is not really build for disabled transport so you do the math. But ok, my sisters are usually the ones who pick up the biggest amount of work when it comes to my parents. They need quite a lot of care so I felt I had no right to complain. I brought my mum home, unpacked the groceries, put the flowers in a vase and by the time that was all done it was close to 1 pm. Not what I had planned at all. (the hospital appointment was at 10.20 so I could easily have been to the other place by 11.30…

Humphrey |

By that time I was hungry and doing groceries while pushing a wheelchair through the supermarket and getting your mum’s groceries at the same time doesn’t work so I had to still go the supermarket myself.

I decided to skip the other appointment and move that to next week. So I went to the supermarket close to home and instead of doing the usual, which is park in the parking garage, I figured it might actually be cheaper to park in the parking lot in front of the supermarket. That works with paid tickets or online through parkline. All good and well. Parked the car, went indoors and did my groceries.

But than I came back out the door, only to see the parking guards hovering in the parking lot and it suddenly dawned on me I had forgotten to turn on the parkline mobile thing… Against better hope I walked up to my car, but sure enough there was a ticket there…. € 60,60 please. That must have been my most expensive parking ever. Do I need to repeat what I said here? Can you see why I got cranky?

I was hungry, just spend a fortune while not planning to and my day looked entirely different from what I originally planned. The perfect recipe for getting cranky, even without the whole30.

So, sorry for this long winded story.. 😉 Glad I got it off my chest! Coming home, I still had to make my lunch which thankfully was delicious so that made me feel a little better. It still sucks about that parking ticket. It’s not as if we have tons of money lying around at the moment….

Anyway…. you didn’t come here to hear me moan right?

What did we eat today?

  • Breakfast with scrambled eggs, paprika and spring onion
  • Lunch with salad, carrot, walnuts and grilled chicken with a parsley pesto dressing
  • Diner with a ribeye and cauliflower couscous

O and to end the day on a “high note”; I broke a shard of one of my favorite salad bowls. Tom wanted to repair it by using superglue. But than the tube with the glue burst (yes really) covering parts of his hands with superglue… And in an attempt to remove it with nailpolish remover we almost got stuck to each other.. 🙂 He’s now soaking in hot water with dishwasher stuff. Which is supposed to help.. Fingers crossed. At least nothing is stuck together.

Day 6

Today was gonna be a tough one. I knew that upfront. Months ago we agreed to do a bread baking workshop with a few bloggers together and today was that day. Perfect timing right?

Freshly baked breads |

I had feared it would be really hard but it was actually quite ok. I had made tuna salad with lettuce wraps to bring for lunch so I was prepared and my freezer is now filled to the brim with delicious bread. Waiting for us for after we finish our whole30. Not bad right?

So what did we eat today?

  • Breakfast with scrambled eggs, spinach and chicken
  • Lunch tuna salad with lettuce
  • Dinner cauliflower with meatloaf and roasted potatoes.

But…. We did have some nuts that evening, which in itself is compliant but it is going back to old habits which we shouldn’t, so I’m a little conflicted about it too.

O well, all things considered not a bad day food wise.


Day 6 is the point at which you’re supposed to start feeling somewhat lethargic and I have to say that was definitely the case. Not in a major way but I am tired right now.

Tomorrow we’re one week down!