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Bookreview: Paleo Homecooking

Talk about long overdue: I received the beautiful book from Sonia a pretty long time ago. I can’t even remember the exact date and I had meant to cook from it and write a review but as it turned out an accident kind of made the rest of my year obsolete and I totally forgot about the book. But now…

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Dude Food Tuesday: concerning Pokemon and sweet pastries

The Pokemon frenzy hasn’t ended yet. Last week I mentioned that my street was transformed in a Woodstock like sit in for Pokemon hunters and I couldn’t barely cross the street anymore. When someone throws a lure on the Pokestop two houses away, our gentle street is flooded by drewling Pokemon trainers armed with mobile phones. Feverish these blokes are…

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Making your own fudge from scratch |
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Making your own fudge – the easy way

Making your own fudge the (very) easy way I had always thought that making fudge would be hard. It would require endless hours spend behind the stove, measures the temperature on sugar, boiling it to a whatever stage and than crossing your fingers to hope that the end result might actually be edible. Of course I was never hindered by…

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Getting fit, the hard way….

Back in the day – roughly eight months ago – when I could still walk and move like a normal person (for as far as I even know what normal is…lol) it was much easier to lose weight. I could even have a snack here and there and still lose some kilo’s in the process. But now that moving is…

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The end of an era…

I started Junglefrog Cooking more than 8 years ago now. That eventually (through lots of stupid mistakes and other errors) progressed into In Simone’s Kitchen. But times have changed. I have changed and I found recently that I didn’t feel as motivated as before to ad new posts. Time to move on. Simone’s Kitchen will still exist under the Dutch…

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The fastest cheesecake ever |
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The fastest cheesecake ever!

Cheesecake that’ll take you only 5 minutes to make! I have this thing for cheesecake. I just looooove the flavors and ever since I baked my first one for a Daring Bakers challenge ages ago I was hooked. The only downside to baking a cheesecake that it takes a while. About an hour in the oven and than – technically…

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