Strawberry tomato salad |

You know how you can hear about certain flavor combinations where you first go; “what”?? The combination of strawberries and balsamico is one of them. I think I first heard it on one of the blogs about a year ago and it intrigued me. Certainly not a flavor I would naturally combine with eachother, but still interesting thought. So when I read in one of my new cookbooks about a salad that incorporates strawberries, tomatoes and balsamic glaze I just knew I had to try it. And can I just say.. WOW! Ofcourse it is essential that you pick good strawberries and tasty tomatoes as that is the main part of this salad, but it is so much better then I would ever have thought!! Tom was even more doubtful then I was. I mean; he doesn’t like balsamic vinegar at all, while I do, to begin with so telling him that there was balsamic glaze in this recipe together with tomatoes and strawberries he looked at me as if I was going nuts… But when I finished making it and then almost forced a spoonful into his mouth it was funny to see his reaction go from “O no, what are you shoving into my mouth” to “That is actually pretty damn good!”

aardbei-saladeAnd it is; nice and refreshing and tasting of spring! Making it is almost too simple to talk about but for those of you who want to know; use equal amounts of small tomatoes (I used a type that is called Amor and is lovely and tasty. I am not too fond of cherry tomatoes at least not the regular kind as they tend to be too watery, but use whatever tomatoes you love) to strawberries and cut both into quarters. Chop up some basil and toss that with the tomatoes and strawberries in a bowl. Put on a plate and drizzle some balsamic on top. And voila; you’re done!

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