So what do you do, the week before starting your whole30? You indulge in lots of junk food. “Because now you still can” I mean…. How stupid is that? It is however what appears to be happening at the moment.

Date is set and instead of already trying to eat healthy it’s been rather terrible the last couple of days. Almost as if we’re clearing out the house of junk food, but actually eat it all. God, I am so stupid at times.

Last night we came back from work late. My back was killing me after having spend a day outdoors and on my feet so I just wanted to sit in a comfortable position and not move again. We still had snacks in the freezer (like fries and croquettes) so we had those for dinner. Washed it all down with a good glass of wine…. And than had some more snacks after (like chorizo and pate on toast). Sigh… Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever learn to do things in moderation.  It’s like the forever mantra here in this house is “tomorrow we will….”

By writing it all down here I’m hoping to keep myself accountable at least. Not that many people are reading it but well you know…. 🙂 Soooo… Today will be a better day than yesterday… I’m going for it!

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