moth beans

Moth Beans, of Moath Beans are a fairly unknown type of legume here in the Netherlands. In India this little but filling beans is better known under the name of Matki. The Matki is a small plant that is very heat resistant. One of the reasons it is frequently grown in the dryest areas of South Asia. The plant produces small beans of about 3-4mm that vary in color from lightbrown to darkerbrown. The beans are packed full of nutrients and are a main staple in a lot of the vegetarian dishes from the Indian cuisine.

Closeup of moth beans

Moth beans should always be soaked first in lukewarm water before using any further. After soaking you need to rinse them thoroughly to remove any dust or other grid that is in the beans. Because of it’s delicate nutty aroma the moth bean is also a great addition to salads and other dishes.

For health the beans are reported to have cholestol and bloodsugar reducing qualities.

You can use moth beans in the well known dish of Indian Dahl. But they also work really well in a curry or a good stew with rice or roti.
Tip: make a puree of your cooked moth beans and season this with exotic herbs and/or spices. You’ll be creating a delicious and original sidedish!



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