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Lavender is mostly known for the oil that is made out of the pretty purple flowers, This oil is an important ingredient in washing detergents, soap and perfume because of the lovely flower scent. And the flowers are also used a lot in potpourri’s.

Also in the potpourri for the kitchen, the provencal herbmix you can find some of the lavender flowers. The flowers are used in their dried form or their fresh form as seasoning for cheese, vegetable dish and ofcourse pasty and chocolate.

Make sure you use lavender in small amounts when cooking. It is quickly too much and you don’t want your guests to have the feeling they are eating soap.


Want to do something different? Make lavender sugar. Put some white sugar and dried lavender flowers in a jar that you can seal well (roughly 2,5 to 3 tsp of lavender to one cup of sugar) and leave the pot to stand unopened for about three weeks. After that you will have a wonderful sugar that has the fresh tasty of spring and can add that in a very subtle way to a cup of tea or your whipped cream.

Try and combine the flavor of lavender with tomatoes or carrots. It’s supposedly really good.!


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  1. I love eating lavender! Its funny, I don’t really love the smell, but I love the taste. Other than tasting “purple” I love the delicate flavour it brings to treats. I love making Blueberry & Lavender Financiers, they are heavenly!!! xx

  2. I love edible lavender as long as it’s subtle and not overpowering. I made some shortbread last year that was so strong I thought I’d swallowed a meadow full of lavender. Never again.

  3. Love the scent and sometimes – the taste! I have made incredible Lavender Ice Cream – check it out – but it requires pure lavender oil as one would need a billion petals to get enough flavour for an ice cream, otherwise. It is gorgeous in shortbread, too. I will try your whipped cream idea. Savoury? NO. Cannot imagine it. As a child, there was abrand of gum called THRILLS which is lavender flavoured and in purple Chiclets form. Loved it

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