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This time a plant in the spotlight for the real ‘Doe Maar’ Fans (If you’re not living in Holland, Doe maar is a Dutch band that used to have a song about hemp); the cannabis sativa sementem; in other words… hempseeds. This is ofcourse the grown up version of the hempplant which is better know as the source for marijuhana, but the hemp we use in the kitchen is very different and will NOT make you high.. It will make you healthy instead.. πŸ˜‰


Hempseeds and hempseedoil are filled with healthy fats, amino acids and proteins and that makes it a perfect replacement for fish in a lot of dishes (in terms of nutrition, not in terms of flavor ofcourse!)

The hempplant and with that also the hempseeds, have taken a prominent role in the line of superfoods. Literally everything of this plant can be used and it is one of the few plants that thrives without using any chemicals.

Hemp seeds | insimoneskitchen.com

Hemp was used for centuries as the canvas with which they made sails on ships and also tents. The name ‘canvas’ is derived from the word ‘cannabis’. It can be used to make clothes but also building materials and fuel. Use the hempseeds by throwing some on top of your soup or take a spoonspul to ad through your smoothie. You can also grind the seeds and use them as a flour replacement to bake glutenfree bread. I haven’t actually tried that yet, but I find it an intriguing thought!

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