Roastbeef with a herb crust |

“You are what you eat.”, If that expression is true, I don’t want to be lettuce or cucumber anymore.
I know that it is healthy for me and such, but right now I’m completely done with vegetables
The Dude is tired of zuchini and carrot, chopped, sliced, juiced or in any other way.
I want to make a meat dish. Red meat in my kitchen. Red meat is not bad for you. Now, green and blue looking meat, tha’s bad for you!My beautiful set of kitchen knives is hanging unused in the kitchen, looking sadly. I have to make them happy again.

Roast beef with herby crust |
In any normal situation I would run to the butcher right now and buy me a big piece of meat to work with.
But we got that tiny little problem that’s called: The Misses.
For since she collided with a Norwegian oak some months ago, she only wants to eat healthy stuff.
And she can move around the house in a wheelchair so now she can extend her reign of ‘healthy veggie’ terror to the kitchen as well.

Today I choose to defy the dictatorship of veggies and I am going to make myself a nice and juicy big piece of meat. But before I can do that I need to make a plan and make some preparations.

Cutting the meat |

For starters I have to smuggle a big piece of meat into the house, With that I am risking severe punishment, for when The Misses finds out, she will give me a big whooping with a leek.
And for her to eat it, the meat shouldn’t look like meat at first sight. I had a plan to solve both these problems.
At the grocer I bought some basil, thyme and parsley and asked for an extra brown, paper bag. With this bag I went straight to the butcher.
“Well my, that’s been a long time, sir.”, the butcher kindly spoke when I entered his shop. “Tell me something!”, I murmured growling.
I bought a nice pieve of roast beef and asked the butcher to put it in the brown paper bag, which displayed in pleasant letters “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In this case I only thought: “The brown paper bag keeps the Misses away.” Hehe.
I stashed my meaty treasure between all the other shoppings and went for home.

Roast beef with herb crust |

Roast beef with a crust of basil

At home I unpacked all the groceries from my bag and held up the brown paper bag for the Misses to see. From the outside it looked like I was showing some apples, but she couldn’t guess that the bag hid that nice meat treasure. I saw her loosen her grip around the leek and waited until she finally put the biologically produced club aside.
Now was the time to be gentle to the Misses. I brought her a fresh cup of herb tea on bed. But while I presented her the cup of tea I oh so deviously pushed the wheel chair aside. Just out of reach of the Misses.
Call me a devil or anything you want, but I didn’t need a Peeping Tom in my kitchen when I was roasting the beef.
Nothing comes between a Dude and his meat. And when something or someone tries, ALL is fair.

“Whatcha making?”, the Misses called from the living room. “Something green.” I answered curtly. I hadn’t even answered or my meat knives started looking bleary eyed again.
But when I pulled out a big piece of roast beef from the brown paper bag, the knives started looking cheerful again.
They knew that there was going to be an old fashioned beef slice party today.

To give the Misses the feel of a ‘green and healthy’ dish, I wrapped up the roast beef in a blushing green crumble which I made from breadcrumb and the herbs I bought.
And to sooth the savage beast I presented the green crusted roast beef with some crunchy vegetables.

Happy days!


Roastbeef with a herb crust |
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Roast Beef with a basil crumb coating

Delicious slow roast beef with a crunchy coating of basil
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 2 hours
Servings: 6 -8


  • 1 kg roast beef one piece
  • 1 bunch of basil use only the leaves
  • 100 gr Japanese breadcrumbs
  • 1,5 tsp thyme use only the leaves
  • 1 tsp parsley
  • 2 gloves of garlic peeled
  • 1 lime zest of the whole lime, juice of half a limelimoen gebruiken
  • 1 egg use only the eggwhite
  • 400 ml beef stock
  • salt n peppa
  • 1 or 2 bottles of beer


  • Preheat oven to 100°C. Put the breadcrumb, all herbs, garlic an lemonzest in a foodprcessor and blitz briefly. Add eggwhite and limejuice and blitz some more until you have a nice and green crumb
  • Heat some oil in a frying pan and add a lump of butter. Caramelize the roastbeef on all sides until it's nice and brown in about 5 minutes. Take the roast beef from the pan and let it cool down for a while. In the mean time add the brown stock to the pan and deglace the bottom of the pan briefly. Let the stock reduce on high heat with 50% to a nice gravy. Take the gravy from the stove for later use
  • Roll the roast beef through the herbal crumb (if it's still a little moist clean briefly with some kitchenpaper) Press the crumble firmly to the meat until you have coated the complete beef. Put the coated beef in a clean baking tray and cover loosely with tin foil (to keep the crumble from burning) Use a meat thermometer, every real Dude has one, to make sure you cook the meat to your liking (50°C for red beef, 55°C for pink beef) This will take about 2-3 hours so now you have time to drink a beer.
  • When the meat has reached the temeprature to your liking, get it from the oven and let it rest for a while. In the mean time heat the gravy in a saucepan and add small lumps of butter until the gravy is nice and shiny
  • Cut nice slices of the roast beef and serve with vegetables and a big spoon of the gravy
Author: Simone van den Berg


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