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Dude Food Tuesday: Sliders threeways (mini hamburgers in delicious flavours)

Mini sliders three ways |
Yesterday officially was the launch of summer. First day of summer, should stand up for beautiful weather, warm temperatures, t-shirts, short skirts, people laughing, sun, sea, beach and for sure… BARBECUE!!!!
Barbecue, the ultimate ‘man hommage’ to summer. That man moment at which every man or dude can say to his wife or Misses: ‘Today we barbecue, my dear. So it’s my turn to cook.’ And it doens’t matter if your food is burned, for you have made dinner so as ‘man of the house’ you provided the proverbial bread. Or, in this case: meat. You can’t do without man during summer, for men equals BBQ. Mini sliders |

And although everybody knows I am a harbinger of DudeFood in a more than a way than only barbecue, I have to admit that this Dude also boldly steps into a BBQ session and wants to take the lead when the occasion rises. Speaking of: the last time when I boldly stood up, people asked me: Did you become balder lately? And just after I laughingly agreed, I understood what they meant with my version of ‘bolder’.

Anyway, back to summer. I was in for summer. I was in for it a lot! For me it wa almost a waste to have to work on a market on the first day of summer. But then again,if you have to work on the market, then let it be in the summer. Lovely! Ehh… not? This first day of summer I was almost literally blown away by heavy wind and drowned by fierce rain And today is not much better than yesterday. Weather forecast is dominated by terms like: gray, cold, windy and mainly wet with rainshowers in a theater near you. No BBQ weather at all and the ‘Barbe virus is burning in my dudey veins. I have to scorch something on that outdoor stove or I’ll go mad. And still I refuse to work on a BBQ in the rain with an umbrella attached above it. This is really the last Dude worthy thing you can imagine. Than I will take my changes and rather cook up some small tribute to summer, but from the safe and dry environment from my kitchen. Which brought me to making sliders. Yep, sliders. Those small and delicate hamburgers that get blown from your plate if you don’t keep your doors and windows closed in these ‘summer’ climates.

I immediately agree that hamburgers of a quarter pound or more are definitely more dudey, than this petite fingerfood varieties. And still it proves that there is a more refined nature in every Dude. To prevent that someone thinks that refined and Dude equals soft, you can serve some manly baked potatoes (still in the peel) with these delicate burgers. Enjoy!

Hamburger sliders three ways (sausage, chicken and salami)

Three deliciouslyh different flavoured mini burgers of sauasage, chicken and salami, which complement each other well as a snack or starter.


  • 2 sausages or 4 chipolatas
  • ½ good and spicy salami
  • 200 gr chickenmeat (preferably the thigh)
  • 6 to 8 small hamburger buns
  • 2 tomatoes, finely sliced
  • Some good lettuce
  • 2 slices of Parma ham
  • 2 slices of cheddar cheese
  • 1 red oniom , sliced in rings
  • ketchup
  • good mayonaise


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius
  2. Remove the skin from the sausages and put the meat in bowl. Mince the chickenmeat in a Magimix or blender and put this in a second bowl. Add spices to taste. Now is the time to add spices and create your own personal mini burger. For inspiration: smoked paprika, fennelseeds, or for a little taste of the East add some thinly sliced ginger. Separately make small hamburgers from the minced meats (diameter of 10 centimeters max.). Cut the salami in elongated slices of appr. half a cntimeter thick. Glaze the onionrings in a frying pan with some butter until soft.
  3. Cook the small burgers in a frying pan or grillpan and bake the slices of salami until crisp (use no fat for baking the salami. Bake off the mini hamburgerbuns in the oven as instructed and put a quarter of a slice of cheddar on the regular (sausage) burgers just about two minutes before removing them from the pan. That way the cheese is nicely melted when you dress the hamburgerbuns.
  4. Get the mini buns from the oven and slice them horizontally. Dress up the mini buns like this:
  • regular (sausage) burger: ketchup, leaf of lettuce, burger with the molten cheddar, slice of tomato, some mayonaise, top of the bun and a skewer through the bun
  • chickenburger: chili sauce, chickenburger, some red onion, top of the bun and a skewer through the bun
  • salamiburger: mayonaise, slice of baked salami, slice of parmaham, slice of tomato. top of the bun and a skewer through the bunn
Serve this delicious mini burgers as a snack or entree. If you want to make a main of these burgers, just add some finely baked potatoes.  

Mini sliders |

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