Cupcake with mascarpone topping |

What do you do when you’re on a diet and still want to bake? Yes, you bake for others!! So every opportunity I get I bake something for someone else… These particular cupcakes started out because my friend, who would be coming over one evening, was expecting me to make something special for her. Do you have that also? That people sort of start to expect you to bake or cook? 🙂 I had little time that particular day so I didn’t want to go and attempt something like a Daring Bakers contest or any other intricate baking design, so I settled for simple cupcakes. Well I added a little ground almonds to the batter just to make it a little more moist and give it a bit more flavor. But then the fun of cupcakes tends to be in the topping right?

Mascarpone frosting |

I have ofcourse made various cupcakes before with various toppings, but I had never attempted to make a big swirl on top. I don’t particularly like buttercream and I was at a loss as to what would hold well enough to make a topping and still be delicious. Any tips in that area are more then welcome, by the way!

In the end I decided that mascarpone would definitely do the trick. I mixed the mascarpone with fresh (crushed) raspberries and some icing sugar and dusted the topping with little sparkling flakes (not enough as they don’t really show!) Obviously my friend couldn’t eat more then just two, so all the other ones I took to my family. My parents are the worst kind really. Everytime I come around my dad sort of looks incredibly disappointed when I don’t bring something with me. You see, he reads my blog and sees all those goodies pass by and wonders where they all go when not to him?? 🙂

So while not the most exciting treat I hope I keep him happy for just a few days!

Delicious cupcakes

Now… back to Christmas cooking planning! (have you started to think about the menu yet?? I know I have!)

O and did I already tell you that I signed up for the Plate2Page event in May of next year that is going to be held in Germany?? It’s all about food photography and writing for your blog. I am completely excited to finally meet a few of my heroines such as Jamie and Meeta and you can read all about this awesome event here ! I hear there are only a couple of places left so if you want to join in the fun; now is the time!


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