First days are hardly ever a problem I think. You’re full of resolve to ‘do’ this and any roadblock is just swept away… Our first day was no different…. 🙂 so what did we eat?

Omelette with courgette, spinach and parsley

Smoked red peppers and tomato soup with chipotle for some extra kick

Chipotle meatballs with Brussels sprouts. The meatballs were served with a chipotle tomato sauce…

Tom is always more about ‘I’m HUNGRY’ when we’re on a whole30 and truth be told, our lunch was on the late side but I was fine and didn’t feel too empty after the eggs for breakfast which was good.

I’ve got to get a little more creative with breakfast though as I remember we didn’t really feel like eating any more eggs after almost a month of egg-breakfasts…