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Restaurants in Curacao you want to visit

If we learned one thing when in Curacao it was that you certainly will not die of hunger while being there. But what are the best – and most delicious – spots for breakfast, lunch or dinner? I’m giving you a few tips in a row! We were unlucky in that we visited Curacao during the restaurant week. In theory that is nice concept; you can try restaurants that are normally outside your price range and you get a fixed price for a three course menu. In this case that was NAFL 55,- (around 30 euro or 30 dollar). In reality it means that you usually get food that is not as good as the original. Which means that the whole purpose of the restaurant week – attracting new customers – is now a mute point. The people that would have come anyway, are disappointed. And the people that only come for the cheap food, won’t want to spend the ‘real’ amount of money later on.

Bij Blauw |

1. Bij Blauw – In the neighbourhood Pietermaai is the restaurant and hotel Bij Blauw. On the outside it looks quite small but it is a long building and once you’re inside, you’re surprised by the seaside terrace. We first came for a cup of coffee but liked the place so much we went back for dinner. Sadly, as I said restaurantweek, so we couldn’t pick what we wanted to eat. But despite the restaurant week the food was really very much ok. Definitely worth visiting for breakfast, lunch of dinner. Or a coffee is also a good option.

Bij Blauw inside |

2. Jaanchies – You do not go to Jaanchies for the food, because that is – at best – average. You go to Jaanchies for the experience, because it is just fun going there. I understood it has become a lot more touristic in the recent years but the owner is still the one who tells you what the menu is going to be and will tell you that eating iguana is good for your sex life. I had a seabass, although – quite frankly – I doubt if it was really a sea bass. Definitely overcooked and not the best. But it is a nice place to go to and worth a visit. If maybe only for the coffee.

Jaanchies |

3. Gouverneur de Rouville – We got this tip from a friend and we went there twice. Great place, good food and don’t forget to try the banana soup. Sounds weird huh? But it is actually quite delicious. The menu is not big so we found twice in one week enough. There are three traditional recipes on the menu (Karni stoba, Keshi yena and another fish dish) we tried the first two and they are worth it.

Gouverneur de Rouville |

4. Purunchi – If you love fish than you just have to visit Purunchi. It is tiny tiny, so you have to get a reservation because it is guaranteed fully booked if you don’t. We did get a reservation for lunch and I had a lion fish while Tom went for mula. Mine was totally delicious and not too complicated with fish bones (hate fish bones) I think all fish you eat are fried, so if you’re not into that you might skip this but it is a really good one!


5. Marshe Bieu – We didn’t actually eat here but we did pass through it. A good choice for a traditional lunch with one of the small vendors.


6. Landhuis Dokterstuin – Dokterstuin – Somewhere halfway between Willemstown and Westpoint you find Dokterstuin. There is a mansion there (landhuis is the translation for mansion) that is very populair with the locals for lunch. The perfect spot if you come from the beach and want to have lunch somewhere. We spend the morning at playa lagun and went here to have lunch on the sunday afternoon. It was loaded with locals but the place is big and there is a good chance you will find a place. My Karni Stoba (essentially a beef stew) was delicious. Tom had a steak that was a little bit on the too well done side but still good.

Landhuis dokterstuin |

7. Scuba Lodge – We didn’t really have a proper meal here but just a few very tasty snacks to replace our lunch but it was a really nice place to be and that’s why you find it in this little row. We took the quesedilla, the nachos and the crispy chicken. A lot of the resort-like places I tend to find too posh, but Scuba Lodge has a fun and relaxing atmosphere. And the food we had was delicious.

Scuba Lodge |

8. Fishalicious – If you like seafood than Fishalicious is a total must. It is almost always packed so make a reservation if you want to be sure of a spot. We went really early so that can help too (and it helps if you want pictures of the interior without people.. :))

Fishalicious |

9. Kome – Our absolute number one of our time in Curacao was Kome. We ate there the very last night on the island and it was a worthy finish. I had pork belly bites, the peppered hanger steak and the pumpkin cheesecake.(which I recreated at home so follow the link if you want to make yours!)  I seriously overate but it was delicious! Kome is a fushion kitchen so not specific for one country. Don’t miss it when you’re in Curacao.


20151118-MH2A6167 kome

10. Pirate Bay – Pirate Bay is on the beach and the beach itself is a nice spot away from the big crowds. As a result we have had lunch there a couple of times. Don’t expect any haute cuisine dishes, but it is  good and the service nice (there are a lot of mixed stories about Pirate Bay on Tripadvisor but I think most of those are based on dinner and we haven’t had dinner there ) and you’re back at the beach in no time.

Of course there are many more nice restaurants in Curacao but well we didn’t have all the time in the world. We would have liked to pay a visit to restaurant No. 5, Rozendaals, Serafina and a few others. Maybe a next time.

And maybe worth the mention is to be careful with the restaurants in Rif Fort. They are – for the biggest part – a tourist trap although there are a few notable exceptions but come prepared if you go there.

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