With the current trend of less sugar, less gluten,  paleo foods and such, it is no wonder that you can find more and more cool new places that are all about healthy food. Sugarless is one of those places in Amsterdam where the focus is – the name reveals it already! – on sugarfree foods. Sugarless has been around for four years already, but I only heard about them last week.. There are so many cool new places popping up in Amsterdam that it seems impossible to keep track. On top of this, this lunchroom is on the Bilderdijkstreet. Not in the centre and so if you don’t actually have to be in the street you don’t see it. Or you might have just missed it. But not anymore as I am telling you about it!


I had an appointment with Louise from 30s Magazine for a cup of coffee and we were quite early as Sugarless had only just opened when we walked in. Ideal for shooting some pictures of the interior without bothering anyone else.. 😉 We both decided to go fo the Vitalis Ayurvedic tea and to be honest, it could have been a bit more spicy as far as I’m concerned. It’s a light tea but this one was a bit too much hot water and not enough tea. Thankfully the delicious brownie I had made up for that fact. Hard to believe there is no sugar in it. It was delicious! Louise, who eats paleo, also had a wide choice of lots of different paleo cakes, so really an ideal place if you’re eating either glutenfree, paleo or are just looking for a healthy lunch in general. Everything is clearly marked so you know straight away which delights are good for you.


The restaurant itself is lovely and nicely decorated with all sort of little homely details that make you feel right at home. If the weather is good, there is even a little terrace in the back where you can enjoy a healthy lunch.
T: 020 – 84 62 358
Bilderdijkstraat 92
1053 KX Amsterdam
The Netherland

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