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I believe it is looking to be ‘the story of my life ‘ ; everytime I want to make a nice and summery recipe, it starts to rain. What can we learn from this?  a. I should not be thinking up any more summery recipes b. some things are hard to plan or c. Life’s hard.. 😉 And let’s be honest, it really doesn’t matter at all. A good icecream can be eaten anytime, any place. Even when the rain is pouring down or when the birds are falling of the roof because it is so hot. And – as a bonus – these icecream are fairly healthy as well. If you’ve been following me for a while you might have noticed that I have a love for icecream with yoghurt.

Yoghurt raspberry and strawberry popsicles |

So much so that I have never made a ‘normal’ icecream yet. Partially because I hare a weird fear to make that creamy mixture with eggs and all.. (if they are struggling on masterchef, than it might go horribly wrong when I try!) and partially because I am simply a fan of yoghurt icecream. Add fresh fruit and you have the ultimate and healthy summer snack. Because other than yoghurt, strawberries, raspberries and a bit of honey this has nothing else in it. Don’t use thin skinny yoghurt here as that is too sour. So a good fullfat Greek yoghurt is perfect or you can use soy yoghurt if you have a dairy intolerance.

raspberry and strawberry yoghurt popsicles |

I had never made popsicles in any other shape than the standard popsicle moulds I have and that you can find in most stores, but this seemed to be the opportunity to try a regular cup. And that is so simple! These are made in two different moulds; regular paper cups and the small tin forms I use to make pannacotta.

I was afraid they would be easy to take out of the moulds but it was so simple! I am now getting all sorts of visions of popsicles in all sort of diferent shapes and sizes! Had I known…. Just dip them in warm water very briefly, gently twist the wooden stick and it should come undone.

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Yoghurt strawberry and raspberry popsicles

Strawberry raspberry yoghurt popsicles

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Remember to take them out of the freezer just a bit before you want to eat these. The flavor is best when not too cold as you will not taste the creaminess of the yoghurt straight out of the freezer. A little patience is required!
Decorative clock showing preparation time
Prep time 10 minutes
Total time 4 hours 10 minutes



  • 350 gr Greek yoghurt
  • 100 gr fresh strawberries
  • 50 gr raspberries
  • 1 tbsp of honey

  • Mix the yoghurt and the honey together and blend well. Put the cleaned fruit into a bowl and mash with a fork. It's ok if you have some chunks left.
  • Put the fruit mix into the yoghurt and just stir a few times. You don't want to overmix and have a completely pink mix, it should be marbled with pink.
  • Scoop the mix into your forms of your choice, but make sure not to fill it all the way to the top as that will be too much. Half way is fine.
  • Put the cups into the freezer.
  • After an hour take them out of the freezer and stick the wooden stick into the center of the icecream. it should have firmed up enough to be able to hold the stick at this point.
  • put back in the freezer for at least another three hours before eating.


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Yoghurt strawberry and raspberry popsicles |

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