Smoked salmon with poached egg |

My parents in law will be coming for dinner tonight and while we really wanted to do something daring and use some of the things we learned in our cooking class…. a thursday night just did not seem the perfect day to do something like that, so we are keeping it simple for tonight.

As a starter we have smoked salmon with a poached egg and lemon mayonaise, the main will be chicken tetrazine and for dessert homemade chocolate mousse. I made the chocolate mousse this morning so it could sit in the fridge enough hours to stiffen up and then I figured I might have the starter for lunch so I could try it out. I had seen this salad when I was shooting for the restaurant last week and I thought it should be relatively simple to replicate.

Smoked salmon with poached egg |

The taste is lovely and perfect for a light lunch on a sunny day like today. I am really happy with the weather right now as it is lovely and sunny and they predict 21 degrees C for tomorrow!! The wind is still pretty chilly. I just had my lunch outside, but even the cat thought it was a little bit too much wind… 🙂 And that makes it chilly again but I am not complaining. Even being indoors is better when the sun is shining! Anyway, if you would like to try this recipe here is approximately what you would have to do (not much really)

Smoked salmon with poached egg |

Smoked salmon with poached egg and lemon mayonaise

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  • 100 grrocket arugula
  • 100 gr smoked salmon filet
  • lemonmayonaise
  • 4 eggs

  • Spread some of the lemonmayonaise in an attractive way across the plate something like this and add the salad in the middle of the plate arranging it nicely. Spread the thin slices of salmon around the salad and put a poached egg on top. Now I have been told that the best way to poach and egg is to cook the water with a little bit of vinegar and before putting the egg in swirl the water so if you drop in the egg, the eggwhite will automatically swirl around the egg keeping it all together. Now I tried that and it didn't look to good in the pan, but once out and turned upside down it was reasonable. It was my first poached egg anyway so not too bad I guess. If anyone has a better idea for a poached egg I'd be curious to know!
  • For a little bit of crunch I added some seasalt flakes on top but be careful not to put too much on as the salmon is a bit salty already. It's a lovely taste all combined and very light!


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I am not too pleased about the photos as it was more of a quick unplanned for snapshot, but it shows you the salad!

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