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Rich and velvety; those are the words that describe this chocolate mousse the best. I got the idea for making this little dish from Masterchef Australia where they got some ingredients in the mystery box that could have made a chocolate mousse and eggy bread or french toast. This is also my entry for Paperchef where the ingredients to use for this month were chocolate, lime, bread and berries. The lime is in the eggmix by the way. You don’t see it but it’s there allright!

I did sort of have a different idea about how this should all look when I started out but as you can see it’s certainly not the best plated attempt… 🙁 French toast is not very photogenic by itself and I probably should have whipped the cream a little more before making the chocolate mousse so it would have held a little bit better.

In terms of flavor I was very surprised it was so incredibly silky. I had never made nor tasted chocolate mousse made with olive oil. I normally make the regular variety with eggs and egg whites and cream and butter but apart from the fact that this was much quicker to make I also thought the taste was fantastic and everything you want a chocolate mousse to be. Rich, creamy, chocolately and wonderful.


Olive oil chocolate mousse and french toast | insimoneskitchen.com

I had my lunch with brioche made into french toast by whipping two eggs, adding lemon zest and a little sugar and soaking the brioche in the egg. Then baking it and eating it with delicious coulis made of raspberries, strawberries and red currants.. Hmmm, delicious! Since the french toast is very simple I will share the recipe for the chocolate mousse with you.

The only downside to this mousse is that you will have to eat it straight away as it cannot be kept in the fridge. I don’t know if that is true as we haven’t tested it, but it has something to do with olive oil not doing very well in the fridge. But it’s easy to half this recipe to whatever you need.

Olive oil chocolate mousse | insimoneskitchen.com
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Olive oil chocolate mousse


  • 150 gr dark chocolate of good quality
  • 250 ml whipping cream
  • 100 ml olive oil


  • Melt your chocolate au bain marie. While it is melting whip the cream to soft peaks. Make sure it is not too soft as that will make your chocolate mousse still good, but not so firm.
  • When the chocolate is melted take of the heat and while stirring ad the olive oil in a slow but steady stream until it is all incorporated.
  • Mix the chocolate mix with the mousse and you're done!


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