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Chorizobowl – Easy savory breakfast

Easy chorizo bowl


You might have noticed some more activity here on the site recently. That has nothing to do with this delicious chorizo bowl although it will easily keep you going well into the day. No, as part of my new years resolutions I’ve decided to bring some focus into my life.

If you’ve followed me a while you might have noticed that I tend to go away for months only to always come back here. To the roots so to speak. This little blog has had many names but in the end it has been around for something like 12 years. Not something to take lightly.

I did feel the need to move on a couple of times. My view on things has changed dramatically but there is no reason for this blog not to change alongside me. So the fact that I started and stopped about a gazillion other blogs in the meantime… is really a bit stupid. It has cost me so much time you wouldn’t believe it. Time I could have spend on better things.

So in an attempt to get myself back together I am deleting all sites other than this one (and it’s Dutch counterpart will also remain) but in order to do so… you guessed it… some work has to be done first.

No waste

I hate to have all recipes and “old” posts on the other sites go to waste, so I am moving them all to here. So yes that is again a lot of work but hopefully for the last time. If you see me getting a bit jittery and shifting in my seat… stop me right than and there… 😉 For now I could do with a bowl such as this. I love savory breakfasts (and sweet too by the way) and this is a good one to keep you on your feet. You can even eat it for lunch if that is more your thing.

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Chorizo bowl
Chorizo bowl
Total Time
10 mins

A salad for breakfast might sound a bit funky but try this delicious chorizo bowl with a fried egg and salad of your choice. It’s delicious.

Servings: 1 person
  • 1 pcs chorizo in cubes
  • 1 large handful lamb lettuce or salad of your choice
  • handful cherry tomatoes
  • 1 egg
  • ¼ cucumber in slices
  • 1 tbsp homemade pesto
  1. Start by baking the chorizo until the fat gets rendered and it becomes crispy. Don’t use cooking oil as there is enough fat coming from the sausage. Leave to drain on kitche paper while you prepare the rest.

  2. Bake the egg however you like it. Add the lettuce into a bowl and top this with the cherry tomatoes, baked chorizo and the egg.

  3. Finish it with a little pesto on top.

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  1. Dit vind ik een prima ontbijtje. Alles met chorizo trouwens. 😜. Ik ga ‘m pinnen!

    Succes met alles overzetten!

    Liefs, Tessa x 

    • Thanks Tessa! Zit jij op de Engelse site.. 😉 De Nederlandse blijft ook gewoon live hoor…!

      • Ohh, vandaar dat ik mijn reactie niet terug kon vinden. Hahaha. Toen ik deze post zag klikte ik ‘m gelijk aan om te lezen. Niet lettende op of het nou de Engelse of NL’se versie was.  

        Ik check meestal later of het plaatsen van mijn reactie gelukt is want reageren via mobiel wil heel soms niet lukken. Maar ik kon mijn reactie dus niet vinden. Blijkbaar checkte ik dus bij je NL’se blog. 😆

        Nou ja, het is duidelijk nu en ik heb hem gepint. Daar kan ik ‘m sowieso vinden. 😁

  2. Glad you decided to settle on one blog — it’s actually sometimes been hard to find you with all the different blogs you’ve had! Anyway, this looks terrific — healthy and filling (but not TOO filling!). Thanks.

  3. Always happy to find you where ever you are blogging. The chorizo bowl looks so delicious, and I love salad for breakfast.

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