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Dudefood Tuesday: We want Hassel back

Happy New Year!!! You probably heard this one hundred times already this week and all the Dudettes and Misseses have been kissed countless times for best wishes by those men you try to avoid for the best part of the year. Everybody knows those guys (most often your boss) that lurk behind the coffee machine at the office waiting until…

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Vegetable croquettes with a bit of bacon |
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Vegetable croquettes

Vegetable croquettes with just a little bit of bacon You see… I really do know. That Christmas is NOT only about eating desserts, That you do have to eat something else occassionally. Well you could theoretically just do sweets but in the long (or not so long) run you’ll get a bit nauseous. And your guests might get a little…

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Romige geitenkaas met granaatappel |
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Creamy goatcheese with pomegranate

It’s coming up fast now… That month of the year that everyone gets busy finding easy and festive recipes to please the entire family.. or the ultimate recipe for a nice evening with friends. Have you got your Christmas already planned out or are you still waiting for Thanksgiving to happen? Or as here in the Netherlands Sinterklaas… We don’t…

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Beet guacamole by In my red kitchen

I met Ellen from In My Red Kitchen, during one of our workshop shortly before she would move to sunny California with Paul and I have been following her ever since. Not only because it is fun to read about her adventures in the country on the other side of the ocean, but also because she makes beautiful photos and…

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Making your own chive mayonaise |
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Chives and making a chives mayonaise

This time a plant in the spotlight that makes me really happy: chives. I truly enjoy this easy herb in the spring and summer when it is a coming and going of the bumble bees and bees who hover around the chives flowers. And apart from that the subtle onion flavor is a great addition to almost any dish. How…

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Carrot Fritters – Donna Hay #17

Yes, it is time for another Donna recipe! This was one of those recipes where I didn’t necessarily think it would be really good. Carrot fritters… Nothing came to mind when I read the recipe. Don’t get me wrong; I do like carrot, but generally in the raw variety or in a salad. Or grilled. Very rarely do I cook…

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