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Goatcheese – red onion chutney bites

Geitenkaas hapjes

I love goatcheese so when I was asked by Bettine goatscheese to try some of their products I – ofcourse – did not say no! You can use goatcheese in so many different ways that I had a bit of trouble picking what I would do with the deliciousness in the box. I picked in the end two recipes and this one is the first and easiest… And maybe the best.. 😉 It is very simple to make. In this case I used a ready made red onion chutney that I bought on the  Neighbourfood market from Kate’s Slow Jam


The combination of the two is really a match made in heaven.For the goatcheese you can use larger pieces but I opted to use the goatcheese with bacon rounds and I can only urge you to try for yourself! On retrospect I could have made the rounds a little smaller because it is easiest to eat when you can put it in your mouth in one go. Now they were a tiny bit on the large side. And because Tom does not like goatcheese I also made them with the onion chutney and leftover roasted chicken.. Also not bad, not bad!

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Geitenkaas hapjes
Goatcheese - red onion bites
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
15 mins
Course: snacks
Author: Adapted from BBC Good Food
  1. Take a round cutter of about 7 cm and cut little rounds from the puff pasty. Take another cutter that is slightly smaller and press inside of the cut out round,but don't cut it through entirely. Prick a few holes with a fork in the middle of the round. Fill the inside with the red onion chutney.
  2. Cut one of the rounds of goatcheese in half and put one half on your onion jam. Sprinkle some fresh thyme on top and brush the outside of the rounds with the whisked egg
  3. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes till your cheese is golden and the dough risen and done.


Disclaimer: Ik ontving een pakket met geitenkaas van Bettine om uit te proberen

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  1. OOh I love goat cheese too and adding some caramelized onion on top of flaky puff pastry you have me eating out of your hands!

  2. This would be a perfect appetizer for me. The risk is that I would eat them all.

  3. These look simple and amazing Simone! a must make for me ;D

  4. These would be gone in a flash at our house! I love goat cheese, and red onion chutney sounds so delish. Good stuff — thanks.

  5. Simple and perfect. In this period, having less time to cook, I appreciate every recipe you can prepare in a few minutes, but with a GREAT result. This is definitivley great!

  6. These look so elegant, and so easy to make!

  7. Such easy and elegant little bites! Of course, I’m really lusting over that red onion chutney… Onions make everything better, and I can imagine adding dollops of the stuff to just about any dish, from stews to salads and everything in between!

    • I so agree Hannah… That red onion chutney really does make it something out of this world delicious. Which reminds me I still have to make it myself. Hate cutting all those onions though.. Not my favorite job!

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