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Broccoli salad with turkey and hazelnuts – whole30

Broccoli salad with turkey and hazelnuts |

I kind of forgot how it is to have sore muscles…. I can of course try and blame this on the accident and lord knows I did have sore muscles from doing nothing (seriously, that is the worst!) but even before that I had to get my exercise routine back in order. It has been years since I last followed a spinning class and I kept putting it of. That’s the thing with exercise, if you let it slip, it is really hard to get back in the running.

But… having said that: I always knew I would get back to it eventually and I also knew that I would have sore muscles from using all those stiff arms and legs. Lol… I did go to the gym before my PT came back from holiday but I can tell you: it is different when someone is watching your every move. When you’re exercising by your lonesome you’re inclined to stop with an exercise once it starts to hurt a little. Or you think it might be better to lower the weights. With Nicole, she keeps a close eye on my movements and when it is too easy, she will add a bit of weight. Just to the point where those last reps are tough. Really tough. But that is the way to get those muscles back to work!

Broccoli salad with turkey |

But man… that morning after my first training! SORE muscles. Yes in capitals… And it got progressively worse over the day, was even more painful the day after and than it gradually subsides. The funny thing is that the second training, last thursday, I feared I wouldn’t be able to do much because of sore arms and legs, but it turned out to be quite beneficial in getting rid of those last aches. And even though we did just a tiny bit more the second training my muscles feel fine. Maybe just a bit stiff around the edges but otherwise quite ok. Funny how the body adapts so quickly!

And I’m loving it. Maybe not the getting up really early part, as we exercise first thing in the morning. First because my ankle tends to swell later in the day plus secondly; that way work is not interfering. Next week we will start at 6 am… Yep…

And of course still doing a whole30 at the same time, which is going really well too. Feeling better already, sleeping much much better and eating good food! Such as this delicious broccoli salad. Super quick to make and also easy to bring along if you’re on location or in the office.

Broccoli salad with hazelnuts


  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 100 gram grated carrots
  • 200 gram turkey, cooked
  • handful of hazelnuts


  • 3 tbsp of mayo
  • 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • pepper
  • salt


  1. Take the broccoli apart into smaller florets and put in the bowl of a kitchen processor. Turn until you have small grains. You can quickly cook these by blanching it for a few seconds. The broccoli will turn a lovely color green and the rawest part of it will be gone.
  2. Let it drain and cool. Add the carrots, the turkey (chopped!) and the hazelnuts.
  3. Make the dressing by combing the ingredients and mix it through the salad.
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