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A lot of people ask me why on earth I go to so many different workshops… Yes, well…mmm. How shall I explain this to you readers out there? First of all, I love to meet other foodbloggers and foodies in general. It’s different to finally meet people in real life rather then just online. We all share the same passion and that immediately creates a bond. So that alone would be a good enough reason to go, right?

Am I a workshop junkie? No, I don’t think so. It might appear for someone that I continuously go to foodphotography workshops but really this is the second one in two years so you can’t really call that a lot I would think. But for me it is a chance to get inspired again. Inspired by the work of other people, inspired by the instructors of the workshop and inspired by my co-workshoppers. So there you have it. In a nutshell that is the reason why I go to workshops where in all fairness I do not learn a lot of new things. Yes I know how aperture works and all that other techie talk but there is always something you can take away from a workshop. Something you maybe didn’t think about. Something someone tells you that suddenly makes you have an ‘aha-moment’ and that has definitely been the case for this great workshop that I just had this weekend.


If there is anything I have taken away from this workshop then it is that I actually can style a setting if only I give myself a little more time to do it. It doesn’t work if you want to style something in 2 minutes before dinner with a hungry guy waiting for you to be finished. So that’s a good thing to know. 🙂 I loved the presentations by our fabulous instructors Meeta, Lisa and Julia and the inspirational presentation we had today from Holly Becker from Decor8 which really made me think about which direction I want to take with the blog.


So all in all this was a great workshop! We had some amazing products from sponsor Vianni as well a lot of beautiful flatware from Kahla porcelain. Plus most of the participants brought some great props to the workshop we used during our assignments.

Ofcourse no workshop is complete without participants and what great participants we had! I shared a room during the workshop at the castle with the great Marta from Princess Misia blog and I will get the information on the other blogs so I might share those later with you too.

There were too many fantastic new people I met to share all their names with you but let me end with this great groupshot of a great weekend! O and since the captions on my photos are doing weird things; the first photos are from the assignment together with the fabulous Corinna, the second photos are from the assignment with Sabina (who is an interior designer but I will share the link later).


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