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Workshop in Dubai

I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; following a workshop is always good for your motivation, your inspiration and just for pure fun… The workshop I just followed in Dubai ticked all of those three boxes. I’d been planning to go to Meeta’s workshop in Dubai the first time but I couldn’t due to other obligations and now finally I made it! I had never been to Dubai before so that for me was a big part of the fun. But I’ll tell you more about my Dubai adventures in a later post. You want to know how the workshop went right?

The first bonus was of course meeting Meeta again. We recently did our workshop in September here in Almere and are already planning some new and exciting new things for next year, but well, it would be silly to not see each other again until the next workshop, so I was happy this came in between. And of course I met Sally again too.

The Dubai workshop has a totally different feel than the one we did here for many different reasons. The sponsors were totally awesome. Seriously… I wish it would be possible to get sponsors like that here, but the Dutch are a bit more difficult or maybe I just don’t have the right connections (yet) In either case Russel Impiazzi from Lafayette Gourmet is an artist when it comes to work, Dima is a force all of her own and the Miele Gallery is just one of the best locations for a workshop I have ever seen.


On tour with Frying Pan Adventures!

I wish I could have my own workshops there, but well, that would ad up in terms of flying time and money! Lol..

Then there were the people I met during this workshop. We had a lot of people from Dubai. Not necessarily all born and bred there, as there was Minna from Finland, Rita from Estonia who both live in Dubai now. But there were people from Turkey, Jordan, Bahrain, Nigeria and of course Dubai itself. It was a lovely mix of people and it’s always fun meeting foodbloggers anywhere around the world.


Dima’s cooking demonstration

A highlight was the farewell dinner we had on Wednesday with raw vegan food made by Besupernatural. I had not expected that to be so tasty! Really really good!

Dinner on Tuesday was a great custom made tour by Frying Pan Adventures, but since I booked a second tour with them a day later I will tell you all about that in a separate post.For now some images to show you the fun we had during the two days of the workshop!


Het heerlijke eten bereid door Dima!



Geweldig eten door de mensen van Lafayette Gourmet!

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