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Winner homemade challenge – Eva from Food Vegetarisch

Photo by Eva from Food Vegetarisch

Photo by Eva from Food Vegetarisch

I don’t think we ever had an unanimous vote when it comes to choosing the best picture out of any challenge. And that’s probably a good thing too as all of the photos submitted have their pros for sure. This month’s winner is a wonderful lady that I met not too long ago during one of Meeta’s workshops in Germany, Eva from the blog Food Vegetarisch. She is a great photographer as I am sure you will agree if you see the above picture and if you visit her blog. Plus her recipe for the pepper ketchup was an eye opener for me, as I had never even considered making ketchup with anything else then tomatoes.

The composition and layout of this photo is beautiful. The red colors of the pepper and chili really pop, making this a striking image. On a totally different level but equally striking was the image from the Kitchen Witch with her beautiful image of homemade pasta

Photo by Kitchen Witch

Photo by Kitchen Witch

For me this image strikes the perfect mood of making your own pasta. Love the light and the composition here too. That stack of pasta in the back is beautiful.

And last but not least coming in at number three is the delicious looking pea pesto from Marleen, a fellow Dutch foodie.

Photo by Marleen

Photo by Marleen



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  1. Congrats to the winner! Those pictures are amazing.



  2. Hey, that’s cool that the pepper ketchup made it ๐Ÿ™‚

    And again, it is just a pleasure to look at all the different pictures, especially the homemade pasta I just love!!

  3. Great set of images, but Eva’s popped right at you! Well done!

  4. So nice that my photo is posted! I love the homemade pasta, beautiful!

  5. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose – I thought all three were just beautiful

  6. Three great works well-deserved. Congratulations ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Beautiful photographs. Congrats to all the winners ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Fabulous images and great homemade treats. Another successful challenge Simone!

  9. Three well deserving photos; For me it lay twixt 2 and 3, but the ‘happiness factor’ of No1 made me lean your way also ๐Ÿ™‚ ! [That pasta looks tempting!!]

  10. Fabulous pictures !!! congrats to all winners !!!

  11. Really lovely photo, I love the contrast of the colors. I equally love the inguneity of the red pepper ketchup.

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