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And the winner is – Eva from Food Vegetarisch

Foto door Eva van Food vegetarisch

Photo by Eva from Food vegetarisch

It certainly wasn’t easy to pick a winner for the very first foodphotography challenge of the new year. The opinions of the judges varied wildly but with a little counting of votes it became obvious that Eva fromย  Food Vegetarisch was the winner of the RAW Challenge with a total score of 6 points. And it’s not the first time that Eva has won too. The quiet colors of the image work really well with the beautiful green of the sprouts and the contrast between the background and the smoothness of the vegetable makes the sprouts the heroes of the photo.

All submissions for the challenge can be found on the Pinterest board.ย 

The number two of the chalenge is Ilona with her photo of the three bell peppers with three points.

Photo door Ilona

Photo by Ilona

And the number three is a shared third place for the spinach from Miranda Balster and the meat from Ria from More than Mayo.ย 

How does the judging go? Each jury member tells me which of the photos are there three favorites. A number one gets 3 points, number two gets 2 points and number 3 gets 1 point. You can get a maximum of 9 points. My vote does not count unless there is an even score for the number one.

Are you also going to join in again for the new challenge? Read all about it here!

foodfotografie-rawMiranda Balster

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  1. Yes! All the top images portrayed the theme really well Eva’s winning image was great as it had great textures of the brussel sprouts which harmonized well with the burlap and the earthy brown tones made the green pop nicely!
    Well done everyone!

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