Yes, we made it to day 13! I haven’t been giving daily updates anymore as after a while it becomes more of the same, right? I’d be boring you to tears. So I skipped the daily updates but will continue to bore you with at least a weekly one or whenever there is something new to report.


So how is it going?

Well it’s going quite well really. And wether that is because this is the fourth time we’re doing a whole30 or because I am more motivated than normal, I don’t know. I am not complaining.

My main motivation to start a whole30 was to see if that would have any changes to my back. And that is partially successful. The pain is way better and some days even completely gone. I honestly have no idea how that happens, but it does make me happy. Technically the doctors are telling me it is impossible, but hey, you can’t argue with results right?

The ‘thing’ is gonna be cut out anyway though. So preventing that to happen didn’t work. It’s a minor surgery so can be done quickly and should not be anything special, according to the surgeon. The “operation” will take place on the 12th

Last tuesday I had an appointment with the surgeon and jeeeezzzz, what a total asshole that was. So uninterested. Not looking at me when he asked a question. Almost treating me with an attitide of ‘Why are you even here? Can’t you see I have more important things to do?’ Really rude. Now I am not particularly shy or easily impressed, but imagine you are coming there with a major surgery decision and you get an asshole like that! Or if you’re shy and are easily overpowered by people like that… That will not make you happy!

I had almost said something about it, but hey, let’s face it, he might be the one cutting into me soon so I figured it would be wise to tone it down a little. It could be someone else, which I am hoping really. I will see on the day of the procedure only.

He literally watched the “thing” for about two seconds. “O, so you already know what it is than?” I asked him somewhat sarcastically. At least he looked at me than! Yes, it wasn’t very different from the ultrasound they did two years ago. Apparently he could see that with his X-ray eyes. To continue telling me that the scar would be roughly ten centimeters.


© Can Stock Photo Inc. / dedMazay

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / dedMazay

“I find the scar not so important,” I said, somewhat irritated. “How about movement? Will it hinder me in doing my job? Can it grow back? What can go wrong? Can I do everything straight away or do I need to do something else?”

Not surprisingly he did not anwer any of those questions. It was all depending on what they would find on the cutting table. Thank goodness the assistent behind the counter where I had to make the actual appointment was a lot more helpful.

And sure I know it is nothing major, but it is – after all – MY body they are going to be cutting in. Not such a weird thing if you want to know the why’s and how’s right?

Anyway. How did I get from the whole30 to an entire rant about the dickhead of a surgeon? Haha… Here’s to hoping he doesn’t read my blog!

So whole30. We will be finishing it no matter what. It goes well. We eat well, even though the planning of the lunches for Tom (on market days) is tough sometimes. It has to be easy to transport, fit into a tub and shouldn’t wilt immediately. And of course be Tommie proof. He will not be able with a bowl of greens. Not something for the dude!

So it usually is something like a tuna salad, chickensalad, egg salade, potato salad. I haven’t gotten any further than that. Suggestions anyone?

Psychically I do find that I am losing weight, but getting on the scale is forbidden territory. Even though it is becking me to step on it. My skin is much clearer and so is my eyes. I noticed that shortly before we were starting I was rather puffy and blotchy… That is all gone.

My restless legs that I tend to have a lot when sitting on the couch in the evening are a lot less and gone on most days. I have good hope it might be gone completely after the 30 days.

Because we are now allowed potatoes (which is a recent change to the program. During our first whole30 potatoes where off limits) you do get more than enough carbs. Not that we eat potato every day, as that is not the idea, but it does make it easier.

So that is for the update of the first two weeks. On to the second half!


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