It’s over and done our whole30. For the reader who is paying attention… yes I know I haven’t been entirely good for the whole 30 days (Norway got in the way..) and I said I was going to start the counting again, but.. I really cannot do this any longer than 30 days…

So… 30 days it is. And to be honest; it has been long enough. It’s good to get a kick start into a healthier ifestyle.. But I am extremely happy that I do not really have a gluten-, dairy or whatever other food allergy. Imagine you would have to spend your life not being able to sink your teeth into a crusty piece of bread (to name just one thing…)

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And no we will not go and stuff ourself with sugar bombs now… Or at least that is not the intention. The planning is to continue with eating good and healthy food but with a bit more flexibility than we had during the whole30.

I can also tell you that we barely survived the last couple of days. It’s a good thing both Tom and I had our weak moments at different times. So one could motivate the other to keep going. Result: we made it!

The food

You can absolutely eat perfectly good food if you don’t eat dairy, grains, alcohol, legumes or sugar. The dinners were – with the exception of maybe one of two meals – all delicious. Lunch is also quite good and since it is summer, a salad is not a punishment when the weather is good. So we enjoyed that… However.. the breakfast…. Now that is the worst meal of the day. I love a good omelet I really do, but 30 omelettes down the line…. You can see where I am going with this right? And yes ofcourse they tell you that you can eat a roast chicken for breakfast or cauliflower couscous or whatever other leftovers you have from the day before, but seriously… I am not a fan of that. I just cannot stomach things like that early in the morning.. Yuck… And the last couple of days we have been eating (or drinking rather) smoothies for breakfast. Which is technically not allowed… It doesn’t fill you up for so long and it doesn’t stabilize your bloodsugar, but it was way better for our mood in general.

The weight

Let’s be honest here; yes, we did not start the whole30 purely to lose weight, but it’s a nice bonus. Total score for me is -6 kg. Total score for Tom -4,5 kg.

Not bad for a month I would say. And we’re going to go on with that as there is more weight to be lost. But it is good that we have a beginning. And I also get a bit tired of having to lose the same kilo’s every year. Hahaha… Maybe it is the faith of a foodblogger and foodphotographer… Sigh…. But I want it to be a bit more constructive this time. No crash diet (I don’t believe in a crash diet!) and just trying to find a better balance between good and bad food. Or maybe I should call it healthy or less healthy.

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The rest

I only now realise (funny how that works) that the inflamed muscle I had in between my shoulder blades has been quiet for the last two weeks… And it had been bothering me for months prior to that. And it was something I had hoped would happen since according to the book ‘It starts with food’ inflammations in your body can be caused by wrong food.

The planning for the coming weeks is to slowly ad foods back into our daily life. And it is apparent that the first thing is gonna be breakfast… I can see visions of delicious little buckwheat pancakes… Yum! And well there is loads of other good things I can think of.. I have made a whole list of stuff we want to eat soon! Sugar remains one of those things we want to limit as much as possible, but fear not; you will find delicious baked stuff here soon! My Donna Hay challenge has also not been worked on recently. Only about 60 recipes to go! Hahaha…

All in all it has been a fairly successful whole30, but we’re happy with the results and now on to a balanced and healthy eating pattern!



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