It took a while to make our final decision but since this monday we are no longer on the whole30 plan. I was not so motivated as before and if you’re not motivated it is hard to eat that strict. So we decided to let it go for this time. That doesn’t mean we’re back to unhealthy stuff as we’re still continuing on a very healthy eating pattern but now incorporating just a bit more of the things we weren’t allowed on the whole30. Such as quinoa and oats. Would you believe how delicious a breakfast of oats is in the morning after three weeks of eggs?? 🙂

So we’re all good in that sense. I lost a total of 5 kgs during the last three weeks so at least we got rid of most of the Christmas flab. And we will continue or try to continue on the healthy track. And believe me when I say that is going to be challenging especially in february as my friend Esmee and I have decided to start a budget challenge on our foodblogs! What it means? It means that we cannot eat more than 1,50 (euro) per person per dinner. So it doesn’t include breakfast or lunch, it is purely focused on eveningmeal. Since we’re with two that means we cannot go above 3 euro for any dinner…. That is gonna be tough! But it’s a fun challenge too and for the last couple of days we’ve been browsing the various supermarkets for the best prices on eggs, milk and that kind of stuff. It’s shocking the differences! We never really paid attention before, so it’s a bit of an eye opener for me. We’re in the fortunate position that we don’t need to watch our money that closely, but we could do better too. So it’s a good exercise and fun too. Make sure you check it out on Simone’s Kitchen! First budget post is up on February 1st!

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