Yay! One week down, three more to go!

Day 7

I woke up this morning feeling rather tired. Like I sleepy really soundly and had trouble waking up. It was early for a Sunday as Tom had to go to a market so up at 6.30 but still…


Other than that it wasn’t really a very eventful day. Spend some time behind the computer contemplating what to do with my sites and wondering why I always make such a mess of things… πŸ™‚ Good way to spend the Sunday right?

What did we eat?

  • Breakfast scrambled eggs with spinach. Getting a bit tired of eggs already so need to think of something else to make
  • Lunch salad with egg, walnuts, tomatoes and leafy greens with an apple cider dressing. Yum!
  • Tomato soup with roasted bell peppers, celery and chicken

Day 8

Moooonday…. πŸ™‚ Some errands to run today, dentist appointment and we had a long walk. Always good to clear your head and get on with things. I felt fine really. Nothing to report in that area.

What did we eat?

  • Breakfast was baked apple with walnuts and orange. Delicious but not very filling. But I was soooo ready for something else besides egg.
  • Lunch : roasted beets with lettuce, egg, small meatballs with spices and a mayo dressing with apple cider. Delicious!
  • Dinner: pork with spice rub and walnut crust from the oven, sweet potato fries and fennel.

In terms of changes psychically: I am getting a waistline again! It’s always harder to see on your own body but Tom has lost quite some weight already. No more puffiness and beer belly is slinking rapidly…:)

Part of the whole30 is to not stand on any scales for 30 days so we don’t really know other than the obvious.


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