20140107-MH2A3941Can I just say I feel ‘neutral’? Does that sound a little odd maybe but it’s the best way to describe the current ‘state’ of our wellbeing. Well I should say my wellbeing because Tom is having a nasty cold and he’s a guy… so he feels very sorry for himself.. 😉 Yesterday was a quiet day and for lunch as well as dinner we had leftovers from when Tom’s dad was over, so chipotle meatballs again. No punishment really as it’s delicious but not the most interesting to tell you about.

I do start to get a little mmm, how shall I put it…? On edge? When I’m around bread in particular. Sweets are ok, I can do without but bread is definitely one of my favorite foods in the world, so not having any for a month is hard! But I’ll live. It always helps to remind yourself that it’s really only 30 days.

So what did we eat?


Omelet (again) Will be making something else tomorrow!


Egg muffins and a mango


Coleslaw (with smoked chicken) with steak

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